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True Life Story: See How My Wife Brought Trouble To Our House Through Fighting & Gossiping


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True Life Story: See How My Wife Brought Trouble To Our House Through Fighting & Gossiping

Hi Lively Stones,

A very dear friend of mine came to me for advise. He is married to a woman who does not take nonsense and my guy just f*cked up big time. Please help me advise my guy. He is really scared. Here is his story below:

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I swear to God, my wife is a trouble maker and gossiper. She likes trouble too much. I think she does not like peace and I am getting tired. My wife and mother of my three children will one day set this house on fire. We met her 5 years ago, she was a bank marketer. Very smoking hot chic. We knacked o…I do not pretend, I love s3x and my wife got skills in bed. She try…she sabi…and she is beautiful but the only problem is, the brain she has…is only to make money, not to think smart.

Why do I say her brain is only for money not for intelligence? Because, my wife can use her hands to bring trouble to our door step. My wife fights and gossips alot. Maybe that is why she is a good marketer. If my wife wants to , she can sell anything to anyone once she opens her mouth. Men were disturbing her after we got married and the banks were asking her to bring only targets that is only when you knack a man that he can release that kind of money to you.

That was when I told my wife to resign. Let her find another job or stay at home to raise our children. By God’s grace, she got pregnant and since then, the matter of her going to look for another job just died cos she has been a stay at home mom. But the danger there is, this stay at home, makes her unproductive….she started to do some online business just to keep her occupied but still gets into trouble.

This trouble now is that, my wife became close to our neighbor’s wife. This neighbor’s wife is also a  business woman but also spends alot of time at home  her husband is in Turkey. Their children in boarding school. My wife became so close to this woman that their discussion went as far as my wife telling this woman that my manhood is so big that I shift her womb every time. Maybe she enjoyed bragging but that is where she has landed into trouble.

This bragging and gossip made our neighbor’s wife to start flirting with me. This flirting started months ago. But I always brushed her off. I told her I cannot do this to my wife. This woman has been on my case since and is practically trying to get me to f*ck her. She said my wife told her about my manhood and she wants to experience it. I was mad at my wife and confronted her, that why will she tell our neighbor about our s3x life… My wife apologized, saying the woman too always brags that no man can satisfy her, so she wanted to tell her that she was getting very satisfied by me, her husband.

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Now, see how devil works, I did not tell my wife this woman was flirting with me. So, when my wife and children travelled for summer in August…this woman was supposed to travel too but she did not. I don’t know why. But knowing my wife was away, she practically kept coming for me. We were alone, apart from the gate man, in the twin duplexes. Then she dared me to show her my d*ck. She said my wife and I are fakes, that if I am what my wife says, I should show her. I did not have to but I showed her. I became heated and decided to give her a befitting f*ck. Maybe I felt I needed to prove myself to her. I felt challenged and wanted to defend my status.

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Assignment was completed and the woman confirmed it. She kept saying now she believes…is this what women gossip about? The size of their husband’s d*ck? However, I told her not to tell my wife. My wife would kill both of us. She agreed. Days later, this woman wanted me to f*ck again. I was not having it…I told her no and avoided her as much as possible. Then my family got back and I thought things have gone back to normal.

However, their gossip continued. This woman told my wife that she met someone who f*cked her like my wife described me. The way this chick explained the whole thing, my wife felt the woman was trying to make her jealous….and she also began to suspect the woman….so she told me what the woman said. I pretended not to know what she was talking about. But my wife went to meet to woman and demanded to know if she slept with me. The woman refused to tell her anything and before you could say kai…my wife pounced on this woman and gave her a beating of her life.

This woman was bleeding so much from the nose and mouth…I forgot to mention, my wife is a gangster, she grew up amongst 9 brothers and she is the only girl….their father is a military man. I was surprised this woman did not speak up despite the beating my wife gave her. I think she was scared for her life too. When the estate security guard called me. I had to rush from the office.  My wife was still furious. She kept asking me if I f*cked this woman. I nor wan die, so I denied flat.

Since that day, the woman has been upset. Saying she kept quiet to save me so I have to continue f*cking or she would tell my wife the truth. If she does, my wife’s wrath will be unleashed. First, I will sleep in the military barracks and this woman’s life might be in danger. I have tried to warn her not to think about telling my wife but she thinks I am over exaggerating.

I have no intention of succumbing to this woman’s blackmail to f*ck her again but if she tells my wife…all bets are off…we are going to have a big problem on our hands. Ordinary suspicion, my wife assaulted her…if she confirms we f*cked for real…she will end the job. I am thinking of telling my wife by myself, maybe beg her to forgive and tell her it was her fault for exposing her husband to another woman but I still fear that if I tell her…she might still go after this woman … see the wahala this woman has brought to our door step? She lured this woman into our lives and now, I am living in fear.

Fear of my wife finding out and fear of this woman ending up dead if she decided to open her mouth…in my head, my wife already knows…she just wants confirmation. Should I just confess and pray she forgives, due to the fact that it was her fault? I am sleeping now with one eye open everyday…what should I do?


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  1. Oga please don’t mention the devil here,leave the devil out of this mess.

    You were the one that messed up big time,if your wife finds out,your marriage will come to an end because she will finish both of you and never trust you for life. You are the person that brought trouble to your home and family.

    Small travel that your wife and children did,you already slept with your neighbour and you are calling your wife’s name ,was she around to put your gbola inside your neighbour’s kpekus,was she?

    Make your choice oga, you have to either pack out of the house or be ready to face more troubles. OR

    You will have to tell your wife how you satisfied your neighbour,how you arranged her kpekus and took her to cloud 9 with your almighty John Thomas.

    Make peace with your wife and live happily. It is well with you.

  2. Oga..you dey talk too much lie abeg.
    Why are you placing it blame on your wife??my wife is a trouble Maker yen yen yen mtchwwwww..
    The ogbono wey you cook so chop am Abeg.

  3. She asked you to show her your dick, and you too brought it out, once I read that, I just knew it’s over.

    I hope you act manly. Men have lost it in this generation.

    Fix your frame bro, and don’t be familiar with women, set your boundaries with women, don’t have unnecessary jokes and plays with them, women will disrespect you when you get familiar with them by jokes and playing.

    On the other hand, you knew who your wife was and still went to marry her, I can assure you, your wife has been cheating on you, if you doubt me, check her chats when she is in deep sleep, don’t tell her yet of your own, confirm hers first and keep shut and back off from that neighbor.

    Bye bro.


  4. Oga the mistake you made was not telling wife earlier that your neighbour wanted to have sex with you.

    You have to confess to your wife simple.


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