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True Life Story: See What My Sister’s Fiancé Did That May Destroy Our Lives


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True Life Story: See What My Sister’s Fiancé Did That May Destroy Our Lives

Hello Lively Stones,

My situation is critical, I need urgent advise. I don’t have time for too much talk, I need help before my entire family is thrown into confusion. My elder sister Tinu was sick in January. She is asthmatic and she was having a serious crises and it happened in her fiancé’s house. They had rushed her to the hospital and she was ok but seriously finding it hard to do her normal routine. She was placed on some sedatives that made her sleep alot.

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My parents were worried and asked me to go and check on her. I was with her all through the evening that day that I got to her place, she was really in a bad state but I have been managing my sister since she was diagnosed at 3 years old. At age 9 years…. I knew she was sick and always looked after her from young age. So after I helped put her to bed and went to sleep in the guest room, I was totally tired.

Only for me to be woken up by someone struggling to pin me down on my bed….I realized what was going on…..Tinu’s fiancé was on top of me. He was slapping me. I started fighting and kicking but next thing …he placed an object on my nose and I was knocked out. I woke up like a few hours later by my own sister who was calling for me. I ran to her to help but I instantly saw I was naked…..I tried to cover myself and saw semen around my thighs.

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Long story short is…..Tinu’s fiancé r*aped me. The shock ….I could not speak. I was shaking but I had to keep my cool cos my sister was not feeling fine. Like a few hours later, the fiancé came to apologize….saying he does not know what came over him. Begged me to keep this a secret from my sister. My sister Tinu loves this guy to death….she even moved into his house against my parents wish. They are not married but he has done introduction.

I am totally devastated that I agreed to keep the secret cos of my sister. But God did not want me to forget….I just found out that I am pregnant. Pregnant…yes…even though I took morning after pill and paracetamol when that incident happened…..yet….I am pregnant….Jesus….I have not had a boyfriend since last year so I am not S**ually active. I am confused and don’t know what to do. I have never done abortion before and the thought of it scares me. Usually when I have such a terrifying problem, I go to my sister Tinu…but right now…I can’t go to her. I did not tell anyone when it happened….I wish I did…maybe this wont have happened.

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I am even afraid to tell the fiancé who is responsible. This is like a nightmare and I do not know what to do…..I have read that there are abortion drugs….where do I get that from…pharmacy or hospital ? I am scared too that what if something wrong happens with the abortion. Me and Tinu’s fiancé have never spoken to each other since that day. I left their house after the third day that my sister was getting better.

I don’t know what scares me most: whether its the fact that I am pregnant for my sister’s husband to be or that my sister is getting married to a r*pist? If my sister that is so fragile from her condition finds out…how will she manage? I regret the day I went to that house….the imbecile had the guts to even tell me later that he thought I was giving him signs…and seeing me in his house that night, he lost his senses.

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To God who made me…I never ever saw this man like this….I never had any reason to think he could do such a thing….he has been with my sister for three years….my parents have accepted him as their son even though they know he drinks alot….but no one would ever think he could have done such a thing to me….Ha….please advise me. My life is over…..Abortion….me? I am only 23 years old….I also cannot bear the thought of having this man’s child…it will destroy me and my sister.

Sometimes….I feel like to end it is my best option….



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  1. Dear poster,the biggest mistake you did was not telling anyone as soon as it happened. He’s a rapist and it’s obvious you’re not the first neither will you be the last. You shouldn’t have kept quiet about it. Your sister does not deserve a man like that. Please speak up let everyone know. Don’t cover a man like that. The news will not kill your sister. It will take time for her to get over it but it will definitely not kill her. Your family needs to know please. The pregnancy is not the only problem right now, your sister’s fiance is a big problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Please speak up don’t be ashamed please. He will keep raping people if you don’t talk.

  2. If everything you have said here is the truth, and you are sure you have never had any thought to seduce or date your sister’s fiance then you have to call a family meeting,tell your parents about everything that transpired between the both of you. Yes,they need to know the kind of fiance your sister has.

    Tell them how he raped you and you got pregnant even after taking pills,you can’t just abort or keep the baby without informing your people,they need to know about it,what if anything goes wrong?Huh! You are just 23

    Tell them and they will be in better position to decide what you are gonna do with the pregnancy. It is well with your sister ooooo,I pray she finds the heart to bear all these shit,I pray she gets the strength to leave that good for nothing fiance of hers. Sorry for everything

  3. First, you and your sister must leave that house you must tell your parents first, then they will tell your sister when all of you are gathered, please, both of you must leave his house immediately.

    Please don’t do abortion, I know its easy for me to say, but please, be strong, this is really a hard time for you.

    I wish you well sister.

  4. Dear writer,

    Kindly go to your parents and tell them all and how it happened.

    This is your life and also family’s name at stake.

    That guy could be in denial but your parents will definitely know how best to sort this out.

    I don’t know if you can carry the child, if you can have the child but please don’t ever think suicide.

    Never and ever think of ending it.

    It is not your fault. You don’t deserve his action and even the outcome, so don’t abandon your destiny and die for another sick man to be alive roaming around happily.

    You deserve to stand up for yourself. Be strong and courageous.

    If you feel like terminating the pregnancy, remove fear and use a health centre or competent clinic with the help of your parents.

    Your sister will be fine. Keep praying for her.

    Be strong. The glory ahead is greater than the pains of today. Cheer up.


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