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True Life Story: See What My Wife Is Doing As The Bread Winner Of Our Home-Pt 2


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True Life Story: See What My Wife Is Doing As The Bread Winner Of Our Home-Pt 2

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That was when this girl started to confess. She said, my wife interviewed alot of girls for the house girl work. One of the questions she asked during the interview was, can you make oga happy…by being his side chick inside the house, so he will not go outside to get a strange side chick. My wife specifically looked for a house girl who will occupy her husband’s needs so she concentrates on her job to so she will not be fired. She said her agent even told her that it was a requirement for the job.

So, when she met my wife…she asked her…why do you want someone to f*ck your husband. And my wife said so she herself will not feel bad when she is f*cking other men to keep her job….can you imagine? I was like…are you lying….she said no o. That did I notice that my wife is always tired after work….that she is sure my wife is having sugar daddies to keep her job. I could not believe it. when my wife came back that day….I asked confronted her with what Joy our house girl said….my wife tried to deny it but I told her….I know you know I am f*cking our house girl…so stop pretending.

My wife now spilled the beans….she said…yes, she needs the job and our family needs money to survive and live a good life. That no one lives on 300k salary. That most people are sleeping with someone in this city to make up what their salary cannot give them. So, she is doing what I did when I was working with that woman that was also my sugar mommy. That she is a good wife….that is why she arranged for me to be enjoying myself with a young …. instead of going outside to have side chicks….while she is bringing in money as much as 1M every month.

So, my wife is meeting her targets….cos she is sleeping with her clients to meet her targets. Now, she gets almost 500k to 800k commission every month, plus her 300k salary. So she earns over 1M every month. Oh my God…my wife was sluting herself away ….just because she wants to maintain a certain lifestyle….and she brough me a slut too…to keep me occupied so I wont suspect her or even go to another woman outside…she wants to control even the woman I cheat with.

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Which kind of savage wife did I marry? She said she is doing me a favour …after all…she is the bread winner of the house….she is also gving me a side chick included…..I asked my wife why she loves money so much she is willing to sleep with men….and willing to let her husband f*ck a house maid….she said…she cannot endure all the hardships anymore…she wants us to move back to Lekki and she wants things to change.

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When I asked her…what if Joy …the house girl gets pregnant…what will happen? She was like….lol….she will suffer now….cos I will kick her out and you sef….you nor get money…so how will she raise the child? So Joy has been on birth control injection that my wife makes sure she takes. That is my story…this is my life. See…what money can do? Money Money….Money?

Can you blame my wife? I did almost what she is doing …..the only difference was…I slept with only one woman….my wife? She sleeps with rich men…..to continue to maintain accounts for her company to continue to pay her all her plenty bonuses. I told my wife that she betrayed me…..she sleeping with men is disgracing me and making me feel I cannot care for my family….my wife said she does not care….she just wants to get our family back to the lifestyle we were used to.

As a man…I feel like I have failed…. failed my wife and my children. My wife does not listen to me…. she’s gone for nights and days…God knows which man every night…..when she comes back…. she won’t even let me touch her…..she will say she is tired. I feel suicidal sometimes…. even f*cking the maid is no longer interesting me…I want a divorce if my wife does not stop this…cos she is driving me crazy when I think of what she is doing to remain breadwinner of our home.

Please advise me. I love my wife but this whole arrangement is driving me crazy…my wife won’t listen to me if I can’t provide what she is providing for the family….I am even wondering…is this woman not a cheater before she met me…how is she comfortable doing this? Maybe really did not know who my wife is….cos is this how I will raise my children? What if my daughters became a slut like their mother? What can I do to stop this mess?

Please advise me.


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  1. Dear poster, I said it in my previous comment. Your problem started the moment you and your wife refuse to adapt to change. Who told you 80k won’t go a long way? It is lack of planning and mismanagement. It was your lack of contentment that made you sleep with your boss for higher pay. It is good you’ve realized your mistake. As for your wife, she won’t change. She’s aiming high planning to move back to the island and the thirst keeps going on and on.
    (1) chase the maid out please and look for after school that closes late there must be one around
    (2) be a man. buckle your shoes and look for a job
    (3) get an apartment that you can afford and give your wife condition since you said you still love her. She needs to move to an apartment you can afford as a man not hers because you will end up being a slave in her mansion. Things needs to go your way. Please get a job and plan with your little income. Your salary should be able to pay your children’s fees, feeding,save and rent . All these is possible through planning. No matter how little you think the salary is, with good planning, it can always pay bills. Can’t tell you to divorce your wife it’s your choice. But remember she’s an adult that knows what she wants and she’s not ready to settle for less right now. My thoughts

  2. Let me first advise you to go to God and confess your sins genuinely and obtain pardon. Then be man enough to take decision for your family and stand by it. Stop being the wife. Go out and get a job, plan and live on your earning. Take time to prayerfully reason with your wife but if she doesn’t yield you can get family involved. But if she decides to leave don’t force her

  3. Dear writer,

    The mistake has occurred but you lost it finally when you accepted to live on your wife’s salary.

    If you want to set things right, you must be willing to crush your mindset and fight to return to the big life before.

    Concentrate and gain your certification.

    Embrace some online jobs and gain more skills that will help you.

    Keep looking for jobs and secure one.

    For now, stop seeping with your housewife. That birth control could fail and your have heard your wife’s plan to kick you out hence she isn’t interested in this marriage but her social status.

    Be the wise one and do things rightly.

    The girl should maintain the pretence that you sleep so your wife don’t suspect you. Best still let the girl go and insist on that immediately, have self control too. Get a job and find a new apartment.

    Discuss with your wife of a way forward because if you don’t cut the shot , you will soon be a houseboy or loose your family with lies your wife will place on your head even the act which she pushed you into.

    Contentment is a virtue. kings spot it and honour it.

    I’m sure you have friends then,seek for help.

    Put things in order and it begins with you.

    Ask God to help you.

    I hope you guys don’t get infected.

    The body count alone is scary.

    Take back your role as a father and husband in prayers, getting job and catering for the family as much as you can.



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