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True Life Story: See What My Wife Is Doing As The Bread Winner Of Our Home


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True Life Story: See What My Wife Is Doing As The Bread Winner Of Our Home

Hi Lively Stones,

I am a 37-year-old man who got married to the love of his life seven years ago. My life and marriage have been amazing, but I am at crossroads today because for the first time, I think I want a divorce from this beautiful woman that God blessed me with. It’s a long story but I want to share this because it’s like one of those unbelievable stories that goes on Lively Stones. I want to also thank madam Jzhane for all the counselling she has been doing. That is the only thing keeping me hanging but that hanging is like hanging on a thin thread…I do not know if I have it in me anymore to hang on.

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So before I met my wife, I was doing pretty good on my job. A top banker, nice house in lekki, had cars. I was a cool Lagos big boy. My wife was also a banker. Then we got married, two years later, something happened, someone in my team got involved in some shady deals and the entire team was fired while the guy was imprisoned. It changed my whole life. I felt bitter cos I was a victim but since I was the team lead, I was indicted.

My wife was pregnant with our second child. It was so hard for us cos we were used to a certain lifestyle. I could not get a job immediately cos no one wanted to hire someone indicted in a finance fraud matter. I became one of my former client’s Accountant, but the pay was like 80k a month, but I was earning 1.2M a month before. I just wanted to leave home ….my wife thought I was flirting with my boss…she believed this woman was sleeping with me, that is why I will take an 80k job.

I don’t understand but sometimes, women don’t get it…just because a woman is flirting with your husband does not mean I will pull my trousers for them. I needed to keep working cos that is the only way I will meet connections that I will need for a better job. But every day, my wife made life hell for me. Always quarrelling…. accusing me of sleeping with my madam.

It made me detest even coming home from work. I preferred hanging out with guys after work or in the office so when I come back, my wife will be asleep…so I can quietly sleep. But no matter what I did…she complained. If I stayed at work…. she said I went to sleep with my boss…if I came home…. she abused me for coming home from a job that pay me so little…asking me to go and submit CVs for bigger companies. God knows…I submitted almost 100 CVs.

Things got worse. My wife’s bank started downsizing and my wife was also fired. They said she had taken two maternity leave in two years cos our children were conceived back-to-back. It was devastating. So, that year, we had to move to the mainland because we could not pay our rent of 4M that year.  My wife started having issues became unbearable. Complaining about the money…kids…everything.

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One would think that in our situation, we will wait on having children…inside this ad situation…my wife got pregnant again. She became an unbearable emotional wreck. I told her to abort it but she said she wants a boy since our 2 children are girls. I told her we are not capable of more children. She refused. And yet, every day she fights me for not providing enough. At this rate, I had no choice…I had to sleep with my boss who wanted me all this time as sugar mummy.

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My Sugar mommy boss promoted me and I started to earn 250k. I gave my wife 150k every month for housekeeping but she still abuse me every day for having an affair. This was our life for almost four years. Then, my wife got a new job at a micro finance bank. They were going to pay her 300k. My wife told me to resign from my job cos she knew of course what was going on with me and my boss.

My wife said we will manage on her 300k salary which was bigger than my 250k job. After much thought…I agreed. I was tired of f*cking an older woman to survive anyway. So, I quit the job and stayed at home to take care of the children. I did some online business on the side too. My wife worked there for a year and she kept complaining that they will soon sack here cos she was not meeting her targets. You know na….the banks in this country…they force you to do things if you have to meet your targets.

I was just encouraging my wife. Telling her maybe we should find other jobs but we only have banking or finance experience…its hard to do something else you dont have experience for. even to apply for Accountant jobs, they will want you to have ICAN or some certification which we dont have. So, I started writing my ICAN while I was out of a job.  Because I was doing my certification, it became hard to look after the children. My wife decided we needed a house help.

After searching, my wife got a house help. The day she brought the girl home, I was shocked. The girl my wife brought home was so endowed…even more endowed than my wife. I was like…is this woman looking for trouble? Why bring someone who has big yansh to come and do house girl work in our house? But I did not want her to think I am being gross…so I did not say anything.

Not up to a week after she resumed…this girl started trying to seduce me. It was like they sent her….she began to serve me food with see through clothes…..wearing crazy outfits in the house…doing all manner of shit to get my attention. I had to ask my wife to fire her…..my wife said why….fear catch me…I was like….if I say the house girl is seducing me…she will think I just want to f*ck the girl. So, I said….I don’t like her attitude. My wife just said: honey, I am too busy to get another girl…let’s just manage this one.

Omo….I tried…God knows I tried…..but with my wife gone for long hours at work…sometimes even travelling for work….this house girl began to give it to me ta ta ta every day and night. This girl was a fantastic cook and a fantastic f*ck. One day, after f*cking this girl….I was tired…she wan kill me. I told her I was tired and I think we need to stop f*cking cos my wife will soon find out. This was going on for almost two months.

This girl laughed and said…my wife is very aware that we were f*cking….that in fact, my wife instructed her to take care of me very well…including giving me S**. I was like what do you mean? That was when this girl started to confess.

If you were in my shoes,….what will you do after hearing this? Please advise.



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  1. Oga you are so irresponsible,no remorse,you are not sober at all. It is well with you, marriage is no longer sacred, people don’t longer respect their vows. Marriage has become nothing to some people.

    Waiting for part 2

  2. Dear poster, your problem started the moment both of you refuse to adjust to life. No matter how rich you were, you must have drove pass kids hawking on the streets, in traffic and yet you and your wife choose not to plan for your kids future. These serves as a lesson to those spending lavishly. I hope they learn how to save for raining day. I will comment when part 2 comes out.

  3. It’s not about what you heard, hut what you decided to to for the past two months.

    They set trap for you,you swallowed it and come asking our opinion.

    Well, I will say more after part 2.


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