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True Life Story: See Why My Fiancé And I Disagree About S3x-Pt 2


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True Life Story: See Why My Fiancé And I Disagree About S3x-Pt 2


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Good Morning Lively Stones,

So my husband to be posted our situation on the blog yesterday. Yes, I gave him permission to post it cos we have been arguing on s3x for almost a week. Initially, I thought we were arguing for the fun of getting to know each other sexually because we have been dating for eight and a half months without s3x. I thought he was teasing but after he posted on the blog and after reading peoples opinion, I almost feel like I don’t want to post my side of the story.

However, I promised to share my side of the story before and I do not want to go back on my word, so here is my story. I am not a s3x addict neither am I suffering from any sexual trauma or past abuse. I am 31 year old lady that is mature and experienced and enjoys s3x. I dated someone for three years and I loved him so much, and was going to get married to him when I found out that he slept with my best friend.

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This affected me for so long, I did not date for 2 years…and when my fiancé came around, I told myself, that we will not have s3x until I am sure he is the right one for me. My husband to be already posted how we met and that we are in a long distance relationship. Being in love with such a great guy is and not having s3x is not easy. So, when we were finally able to make love, I was very prepared. I love s3x and I am not shy about it.

More so, seeing that we are in a long distance relationship, I wanted to make love to my man everyday so that I will not miss him so much when I go back to my station. Yes, I have a high libido…I had s3x everyday in my last relationship ….for me,…its not a big deal if my husband to be does not match my sexual energy….there are woman who have lower libido….and the men have higher….they still love each other….I know how to enjoy myself (I am a big girl) and I do not cheat, I do not believe in cheating….I have never cheated in my life.

My desire for my husband to be to sexually satisfy me is something that tradition and bible has recommends. When I told him that its his duty to satisfy me….I was not making it look like its a do or die affair. I know there are times when he will be tired…he will be tired of me sef…I have told him…that when we marry…I will f*ck him the way no other side chick can…that’s me…I plan to keep my husband sexually satisfied that no other woman will enter his eye.

If my husband is tired…its ok…I was only playing ….cos I wanted him to remember me when I return back to my base…do you think I dont wonder if he is sleeping with some woman when am not there? I know men are moved by what they see…yansh and attractive women….I want my man to think of me and remember what I can provide him so he will never be hungry for any other woman. I know men will prefer a woman who likes s3x everyday…my ex used to like that…infact, because if that…he begged me for one year to forgive him but I was done with him.

I don’t know what to say again but I believe its a man’s duty to satisfy his wife and I believe its a woman’s duty to satisfy her husband…that is why God gave us s3x. Now, satisfaction is not a do or die but I am a woman that likes s3x everyday and if my husband cannot give me s3x everyday…its ok…s3x is not the only thing that makes a marriage work. We just had s3x for the first time since we started dating…..things might change but even if they don’t…that is not a deal breaker for me after all…when I didnt have orgasm…I was giving myself one …it is ok to do that.

There are other ways of also giving orgasm that may not involve penetration….I can teach him how to use his tongue or finger….everything is not by power and might…its by skill and desire to give pleasure…I just want my man to give me pleasure….and I can give him pleasure too….I am not suffering from abuse or addiction….I am a mature and healthy woman who loves s3x and not ashamed to ask her man for it.

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The problem I see here is man’s ego. Men don’t like to feel they cannot satisfy their women…its like a let down on their manhood…for me, if I can get s3x everyday…I will love it but if not…its still ok…most women are shy to ask men for s3x so they will not be seen as a slut…men should stop slut shaming us…if your woman ask you for s3x…give it to her and if you cant keep up…become creative and find ways to keep your wife happy…happy wife…happy life.

Now, that you have heard my side of this story…do you still think something is wrong with me? Must their sexual energy match all the time? If you think it must…then you are deceiving yourself….Do you still think husband and wife must have the same libido? Please let us stop pretending and leading people astray….lets advise ourselves. Thank you for Jzhane for posting is and thanks to those reading and we still hope to hear your comments on this so far.


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  1. You like this guy obviously and all that you mentioned doesn’t address the fact that your guy can’t match up with your libido. So what you both should be discussing is how you can compromise or make things work.
    Take it that you may not have sex everyday or anytime you want it. This issue is how will you react if he rejects you? You can’t be throwing tantrums or get upset everytime.
    The issue is not you wanting sex, it is the frequency. You also have to put yourself in your man’s shoe. Imagine that he had a meeting but spent 2 hours extra because of sex. Does sex put food on the table? If I were him, I will be scared and probably run because demand is more than supply.
    You both may like each other but you have to learn satisfaction, appreciation and contentment.
    I hope you are able to work things out


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