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True Life Story: See Why My Fiancé And I Disagree About S3x


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Hello Lively Stones,

I have been in a long distance relationship for about a year now, everything has been cool in the relationship, we have never really disagreed about anything serious until now…we are arguing about s3x….and you know…s3x in marriage is a very important subject. Let me start from the beginning. The lady, who is now my fiancé that captured my heart a beautiful nurse I met in a bus on my way to Abuja last year. You know with all that insecurity last year, travelling by bus anywhere was really very scary to me. But I had to be in Abuja and my flight was cancelled last minute, I had no choice but to take a bus so as not to miss my appointment.

So, I met Faith (the nurse), she sat beside me in the bus. She smelt so nice….her skin was so warm too. I planned to sleep throughout the journey but I was captivated by Faith. We gisted through out the journey. After eleven hours, we got to Abuja….I needed to see her again…we exchanged nos….I called her immediately after my business meeting in Abuja. We met up and I told her I was very attracted to her…she said she too was attracted to me.

This was my first long distance relationship. Faith’s family is in Asaba but she got a job in a big hospital in Abuja as a nurse. So, Faith and I would start a relationship and I was truly in love for the first time. I travelled every month end to Abuja to see her. I wanted her so bad but this girl was keeping me on a long thing. She did not allow s3x, she said it was too soon….that she has to know if I am serious before that.

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I agreed…so apart from kissing, she would not allow anything further. Six months later, I surprised Faith with a mini proposal and she agreed to marry me. Our families have spoken to each other on phone but we planned to meet each other’s family later. I was happy when last month, she told me she was coming to Asaba, and that she would spend sometime with me before going to see her folks. She came in on Friday evening via flight. We were all over each other when she came…she didn’t stop me at kissing…she was ready for the real deal. And boy…my god…it was worth the wait o. I cannot lie…it was all night long.

In-between, I even had to take a rest cos I was exhausted from our love making that night but I was like, I was going to impress this babe since she was not tired. Finally, we slept around 4.30am or so…around 6am, my phone rang, a customer needed me to supply something that morning and I got dressed and ready to leave. I told Faith I was going to be back before 12 noon….asked her to relax herself and be ready for me when I return. We laughed.

As I drove away, I remembered I didn’t go with my laptop so I parked my car close to the house, and walked back home very briskly. I didn’t want to wake faith cos I though she was sleeping. I practically tip toed into my room to pick up my laptop and caught Faith masturbating. I was stunned. My mouth dropped…not because she was masturbating but because after all we did last night.,..she was still horny or what?

I tapped her and asked her why she was doing it…she was first of all embarrassed….but I calmed her down and told her she should not be shy that I was not judging her but I was feeling like I didnt do my job well. She smiled and said she came several times last night but she did not have a real orgasm. So, she was trying to give herself an orgasm.

I was like….she should have told me …cos that was my job…my job was to make sure she is pleasured and pleased to maximum. So, I took off my clothes….asked her to relax and started to carry out foreplay with her…she was excited but at the same time…the more I worked…the longer she took to reach the big O. I practically was at it from past six to almost eight in the morning before she reached her destination.

My client had called and called and gotten upset….and here I was …trying to prove I was man enough. That day…I was tired. I went to see my customer but I was already sleepy by the time I got back. And Faith was ready for s3x….I had to confess to her that I needed rest. She was like…she is going to her folks house that evening and she needed freaky time before she leaves…I told her my engine was out….I needed to rest and she got upset and packed her things that she was going.

I begged her to relax….that we will see again before she goes back to Abuja…she was practically frowning by the time I was going to drop her in her family house that night. I met her family…nice people…they made pounded yam and bitter leaf soup for me…I ate…I was now very heavy…anyway sha…I left around 10pm to my place. I slept till 9am the next day. I was still in bed when my phone started to ring. It was Faith.

Faith said she was coming to my place….I was not expecting her till Monday….I said ok…my babe came and practically attacked me from the door…I don’t want to go into too much details but at this junction….I have realized that this babe has a very high libido and I am beginning to rethink this relationship. I had planned to propose and get married to her by August this year but right now….I am scared I may not match her s3xually….Faith is nice and a fantastic girl from a good home…but she is quite a bull when it comes to s3x.

On Monday, I took her to meet my people…they fell in love with Faith…my mother is already planning our wedding so we can give her grandchildren fast. We spent the whole day with my folks in Onichaugbo. By the time we got back to Asaba, I was tired cos I drove but Faith wanted sexy time. I was like…this babe no dey tire. I tried to make her happy sha…On Tuesday, was the same thing…Faith wouldnt let me rest.

By the time she left that Wednesday that week….I was drained. She had kept coming from her place everyday…and wanted to f*ck…if I tried to make excuse that I needed to rest, she teased me and said I did not prepare for her…I could barely do any work that week. At that junction….I told her she was a freak….she laughed and said…she knows. I have dated different girls before now…..none of them match Faith’s sexual prowess. For the whole nine months we dated without s3x….only few days felt like we have been on a marathon.

Faith is also making me question some things about her…how is she like this? Why does it take her long to get satisfied…does she even get satisfied? and now that she is Abuja alone most times…what does she do when I am not there…does she not feel the urge? How does she keep herself? Is she cheating? Is there someone in Abuja keeping her bed warm? All these time she said no s3x…I never knew she was charging her battery…lol….I know I was not expecting a virgin but I was not expecting such a freak either.

When I tried to discuss this matter with her a week later…she turned it around to say nothing is wrong with her…that I am the one who does not know how to satisfy a woman. That most men will be glad to find a woman like her. Faith said she loves to have s3x everyday and that is what will happen when we get married….I asked her if she wants to kill me….she said I should not worry….that I will get used to it. I am perplexed….

Now, Faith has given me me permission to share this story on the blog for others to wade in…she has said she will share her side tomorrow…to see who is right in this matter. Who is right….is it ok for a woman to want s3x everyday? And is it the man’s duty to satisfy his woman even if she is insatiable or is something wrong with a woman who wants to have s3x everyday? Faith is even quoting bible for me, that a husband or a wife must satisfy each other in bed.

Please mature minds….We do not want anyone to abuse us…we are in lobe with each other and we are very mature…we are both reading your comments/advice today and tomorrow. Is this an obstacle or is this something we need to find a way around? does this mean we are compatible or not? what is the average time to have s3x in a week?


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  1. This is how men destroy their destiny and glory. You know sex is for ONLY marriage but they will lie and deceive themselves and they keep allowing satan to use them.

    You even travel every month end to see a woman, tells me you are big simp, you worship women, you put women on a pedestal.

    You better stop the nonsense fornication you are doing and seel GOD’s forgiveness. Men today are weak, they simp for women, on top of that they destroy themselves by sleeping with women they are not married to. Very pathetic.

    I wish you well bro.

    • Though shall not judge in order not to be judged. Who are you to make this comment? Was that the question? Freaking holier than thou attitude but in you closet you might be stinky.

      Poster, you both are not compatible. It is weird for a woman to want sex daily. She needs to control her sexual urge. It’s mentally and physically draining.
      Although, some people with a high libido will only have sex when they find their soul mates. In order words, they don’t cheat, so your fiancée “might” be faithful to you.
      Your lady should be considerate and if she can’t, y’all should kiss the relationship good bye

  2. You people are not compatible ooooo,sort things out now before you marry Faith.

    There are lots of things you are yet to find out about her until we hear from her first.

  3. This is just a tip of an iceberg. You are yet to know her fully. Beside being a sex bull as you described her after pretending to starve you for 9 months. Come up clean an sort out things with her as they is more to it than what you are experiencing now. It is a duty of a husband to satisfy her wife but not everyday please. If she wants to help herself then she need a rehap to tame her and resort to engage in other extra curricular activities. Can’t decide for you my man. Gather the balls to do so.

  4. This sex drive is very high, maybe too high. I don’t see how you can match it as a man.
    You both really need to rethink your relationship, It is not enough to be in love.
    I also wonder how this lady was coping with the long distance relationship?


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