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True Life Story: Sex Is Overated Don’t Let Anyone Fool You


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True Life Story: Sex Is Overated Don’t Let Anyone Fool You


I created this account for anonymity, I am 26, and I lost my virginity very recently, I stayed a virgin this long because s3x wasn’t my priority, I was chasing money and education, I had several opportunity but it just doesn’t feel right, even when I was in school I do sleep over at my girlfriend’s but I never touched her or make a move.

It was alot of pressure then because I was the only Virgin in my clique, when my friends discuss s3x I just say stuff I learnt online just to contribute and not feel left out, they all believed i am a pro who have had s3x many time, I never told any of them that I am a virgin because they’ll mock me, I was so troubled that I vowed to loose my Virginity this year, getting a girl isn’t hard for me as I am average looking and doing a little well financially, I have dated girls in the past and I didn’t attempt anything sexual with them, one even came to my place one morning, joined me on bed and tempted me till I got an erection but I didn’t make a move still, one even left me because I didn’t try anything s3xual with her, I didn’t know it was her reason until she told me five months after we broke up,

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Fast forward to when I met the girl I lost my virginity to, we clicked so fast and within a week it became a serious relationship, at first I told her no s3x, she pretended like she doesn’t want s3x too, until one day she came around and we were cuddling and she started touching me, asked me to lay down and she was kissing my nipples and bitting my ear, so I got aroused, lost control, when I tried to take her clothes off she let me, her bra same thing until she was stark naked, so I dived in without protection, it happened so fast and I wasn’t even enjoying it, it was way different from what I expected because I have fantasized about s3x alot,

After the s3x, I became gloomy and filled with regrets and fear, especially when I started having muscle pain the next day with serious tiredness, I thought I have contracted something, so many things going on in my head,

First problem is, why did someone like me who is always careful make such a mistake having s3x without protection, I was so scared of STDs but I wasn’t thinking when it happened,

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Second, she’s not a virgin, she is a pro when it comes to s3x she was only pretending at first, I felt used, I felt stupid, then I asked her about her period, something I should have done before s3x, she said it’s fine but I still don’t feel relief, I just hurriedly put on my clothes and asked her to leave, she just looked at me with confusion, put on her clothes and left, then she chat me up in the evening, and mentioned the sex, that was when I realized that I suddenly hate her and I hate myself for same reason, I have been avoiding her since then, my only thought so far was, “shey na the s3x s3x s3x people dey hype be this” it’s not worth it at all, if you’re still a virgin please cherish it and don’t loose it until you’re married, sex is overated.

Sorry for the long read.

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  1. That is to you my dear,sex is not overated. It can be overated in your own world.
    So it is overated and heavy rain is still falling in some places okwaya.
    Look make I tell you,na because better woman wey Sabi the thing never handle you,if a woman wey Sabi ‘do’ handle your gbola ,then you go know say this thing called SEX is not an ordinary something.
    Keep yourself until you are married biko,don’t commit any fornication again ooo,and be careful with ladies you have unprotected sex with . Peace be unto your soul

  2. No need to cry over split milk but, your story just shows how the mighty can fall, even so cheaply . i wished your pearl was kept for who you ll eventually married as aman, it would have as a reward ,attracted some glow, honour and progress to your life that no one can place fingers on. And your state of mind would’nt have been that sex is over rated.
    but it be that as it may, youre a man, who has tasted the forbidden fruit, no need crying over split milk. But going forwards,do all within you power not to allow this premarital sex repeat itself again.
    Please, preserve your appetite for sex until marriage and you can be sure that you would enjoy it if you re determined to .
    Sex has alot to do with the state of the mind, it is spiritual , it is theurapic, it binds people together,its for procreation, pleasure, healing and above all, it is designed by God to be enjoyed in marital union.
    Please wait for that time and you ll experience all these .
    Sex is not overated when you follow God’s design.


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