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True Life Story: She Rejected My Request To Date, I Moved On, Now She Wants To Move Into My Lodge


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True Life Story: She Rejected My Request To Date, I Moved On, Now She Wants To Move Into My Lodge


I’m in my 4th year in the university. There is this girl I loved. We had S** a couple times, exchanged “I love you” and all that romantic stuff, but when I asked her out she claimed she didn’t want a relationship, that she isn’t in the right place emotionally. I asked about the s.e.x and she said she doesn’t want S** with me anymore because emotions get involved and she just wants to be single for now and only have S** when she is ready to have a boyfriend. I respected her choice and told her I’m okay. I moved on and my feelings for her started to drop. I began seeing someone else that I’m now serious with.


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Two days ago the former girl called me in the middle of the night and I ignored. The next day she did the same thing. Calling in the middle of the night. This time I had the new girl sleeping over. I couldn’t pick her call. Next day she called me and I didn’t pick cos I was busy. Today I decided to call her and she immediately started complaining about me ignoring her and why I didn’t call back. I apologized and said I was busy. Next thing she says she is moving to my lodge that she’s tired of her own lodge. She had even spoken to the landlord and make plans to pay rent.


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I find this very annoying. Her staying in my lodge makes things very weird. I don’t love her anymore but I still feel something for her and we have a S**ual history together. I can’t be able to have a girlfriend comfortably with her around. I’m thinking of talking to my landlord to decline her request. There are lots of good lodges around school why my lodge? It’s not like anything is wrong with her lodge. Girls sef.

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  1. Please decline biko,study and have good grades,you don’t need any distractions for now. This your style of allowing the new girl sleep over in your lodge has to stop,be warned! Tell her its over,that you are busy and has someone.

  2. You don’t have control over her moving to your lodge but let her know you have a girlfriend and also let your girlfriend know your history with her. Maybe she will change her mind


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