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True Life Story: Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Before Its Too Late?


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True Life Story: Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Before Its Too Late?

Good day Lively Stones,

I just have some quick questions. Pardon the typos I am writing this in a hurry..No insults please, I beg everyone…my heart is already beating so fast. I just need clarity on how to go about this. Seven months ago, I got an invite to a bachelor’s party. A friend knew a friend who knew a friend. I sha attended this bachelor party not knowing the groom. It was a fund and wild party. Drinking, dancing and boozing.

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At the end of the party, my friend said some guys wanted us to hangout with them. I was not in any relationship and I was ready to mingle, so I was down for fun. I ended up with the groom himself. Well, I was surprised but I was like, maybe the guy wanted to enjoy himself one last time before he gets hooked up by marriage.

We had fun, I was not the only one, he had a threesome with me and one random girl. By the time we left, everyone was flat out drunk and passed out. I barely managed to get home the next day. I did not think much about that night. Until about three weeks later, I got a text from a strange number which happened to be from the groom of that night.

The long story short is that, he said he had been looking for my number since that night. His marriage fell apart only two months later and he is divorced. He wanted us to be friends. I confirmed his marriage actually broke up before I went on a date with him. I had nothing to do with their breakup. The marriage seemed like a forced one. The chick wanted to marry by all means but they were incompatible. She was the one who filed for divorce and said she was not in love with him.

We been together now for four months going quite steady. At first, it was just a f*ck buddy relationship but I think we are at a place where we can actually say we are in a serious relationship. He introduced me to his family last month. They were all happy and cool with me. They think I will be a good fit for their brother. Surprising, this guy is quite good to me.

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When I asked him why he cheated on his former wife a few days to his wedding, he said he was not happy going into the wedding. And that night he slept with me, he had a connection. That he likes girls who are free spirited like me. When we started seeing each other, he and I had a threesome again…like I said, it was just all about s3x and fun but things have changed.

We have not had any crazy s3x since the first month and he has never mentioned it. I asked him if he would like to have a threesome again, he said if I don’t mind he would like it. Before now, I would not care, I used to think that being open in marriage helps a marriage or relationship stand stronger ….but now, I feel attached to him…and I would be jealous if he agreed to another threesome when he is with me.

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I don’t know how to tell him this. I am thinking I should break up with him before things get too serious. I am in love with him now. I know his tendencies but I fear I can only be that wild girl when am single, not when am married. Should I tell him to see what he thinks or just break up quietly before I get hurt. I can be very emotional, break ups are hard for me, especially if I am in love. The last person I was in love with, I had depression for months after we broke up.

So, I need your advice, Should I break this off now or try and tell him my fears? I perceive he loves me alot too. Maybe he may try to forget about that life but I have seen him do it to someone he was getting married to, what says he cannot do it to me? The only difference is, he and that former wife were not really in love….everyone testifies that we are so much in love.

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Do you think I should rest my mind about this or is this a legitimate fear. I kind of suspect the answer but I am too afraid to think so…I need clear and objective advise…that is why I am asking from you. Should I worry too much about him having a threesome in future? Or should I just accept it as a weakness on his part and just be happy for it? Or maybe he too will see reason to be monogamous now?

Why am I so afraid of losing him? Love is messing with my head and I am already afraid I will soon be served breakfast. Maybe I should give it more time before overthinking? Maybe we may not end up getting married but I would very much like to marry him one day…he calls me wifey sometime…I am worried.

Please advise me.


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  1. His former wife forced him into the marriage because they weren’t compatible and she later filed for a divorce, someone is not saying the real thing here.

    Anyways,your guy loves threesome,he did it before he got married,please kindly tell him your fears,he needs to know, calling you wifey is not enough,he has to know about your fears before you go into marriage.

    If you love him,please talk to him about it, whatever he says will determine if you will still be with him or break up peacefully.

    Thank you,peace.
    Remember in life,what goes around comes around. You were invited to the party and you didn’t bother knowing who the groom was until you slept with him before realizing he was the groom,it is well.

  2. […] story you posted today is similar to my own situation (read story here). Mine is not that my boyfriend wants a threesome but he wants an open marriage. I have been with my […]


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