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True Life Story: Should I Marry Her Or Not…help A Confused Brother


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True Life Story: Should I Marry Her Or Not…help A Confused Brother


My lover got pregnant and I told her to keep the baby that I will see her parents to do the needful. We were not really dating. We were just office sweet hearts turned relationship. We both earn good and live well.

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Right now i feel like it’s because she got pregnant that’s why i want to marry her because truly if not for the baby we are expecting I wouldn’t have even thought of proposing. Now I’m having a second thought cos I feel like I’m being pressurized to marry her…. The truth is that I don’t really love her to the extent of marrying her…

Iv seen her parents and given them a drink that I will come with my parents maybe January or February for introduction( they don’t know she’s pregnant) I have actually bought the proposal ring but my mind is still not convinced. Iv taken her to meet my parents and family they said she’s ok but also complained of her height that shes too short/small True Life Story: Should I Marry Her Or Not...help A Confused BrotherREAD ALSO: My Ex Is Everything I Want In A Husband & I Am Confused About My Boyfriend-Pls Advise

Note: She is a nice girl and homely but she is really small in stature and it’s really giving me concern..That not who I see as an ideal wife kiss I need someone that I would be proud of and not be uncomfortable to introduce as my wife.

I spoke to her last night that we need to slow down on wedding plans that I’m not really ready for the marriage. Now she’s been crying and crying and refusing to eat. I really don’t want to marry because of pity.. I just want her to keep the baby then I take care of them both till I’m convinced.

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Note: I have been married before and it ended after 1year of problems and wahala. My Ex wife couldn’t conceive and she even blamed me and told her family that I’m impotent embarassed.now I’m really scared of marriage cos I really saw hell in my previous. My babe is now threatening that she may remove the baby cos she cant stand the shame of carrying the pregnancy. She is about almost 3months pregnant. She is 28 and I’m 33. Thanks

Sorry for the typo guys…pls matured advice pls.



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  1. My question is,are you concerned about her stature or you don’t just love her or you do not want to settle down with an office sweetheart? Now,the choice is yours,choose wisely. If you are not convinced yet,take a chill pill and slow down,don’t be deceived with her crying and refusal to eat. Think about it and plan yourself well. If you don’t want to marry her,please tell her and make a proper arrangement on how you are gonna be talking care of her and the baby. If she refuses and decides to get rid of it,please she should know it’s at her own risk, inform her people. Once bitten twice shy,be wise bro. When you know say you never one father any pikin,you no use condom or any form of protection,you chop kpekus wey you no love. Take care biko

    • The last comments really got me laughing.

      Him no know say him fit father pikin na as his ex termed him impotent, so he felt he could chop kpekus anyhow without knowing his thing dey functional

  2. The kind of selfishness ppl display this days is appalling, she’s good enough to have your baby but not good enough for marriage.. Anyways sha don’t marry her out of pitty… If una never ready to marry or. Not sure of whoever you are with use protection if you cannot abstain…this single mother, single father thing is destroying future of these children being raised

  3. Hmmm dis ur story is very disturbing bro cuz u just wanted to chop her some and go ur way but u see the work of God? Boss pls if she is nice and homely as u sed in ur story den pls she can be a good wife so marry her.
    Imagine she was ur sista and someone did dis to her, how would you feel for ur sista
    Force urself to luv her and don’t underrate her due to her stature
    U can get someone hu is thick and tall but with bad attitude
    Note: it’s attitude dat helps marriage to stay not stature

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  5. […] ALSO READ:True Life Story: Should I Marry Her Or Not…help A Confused Brother […]

  6. […] ALSO READ: True Life Story: Should I Marry Her Or Not…help A Confused Brother […]


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