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True Life Story: Should l Tell My Wife The Real Reason For Our Childlessness?


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True Life Story: Should l Tell My Wife The Real Reason For Our Childlessness?

Hello LivelyStones,

This life is full of mixed emotions. Every living soul is bound to encounter one plight or the other. It’s true that to overcome any predicament in life, a precise remedy should always be sought for. But sometimes, opinions could be abstract.

Born 35 years ago, every event l’ve witnessed has made me accept that life after all, is a theater, a place where nature plays itself.

A responsible woman is the dream of every man. A woman, who will never allow any predicament to compel her forget her mission, is the toast of every man. All these had eluded me until l finally met Aisha.

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Aisha is complete woman, She’s reliable, beautiful, prudent and educated. I had met Aisha during our NYSC programme in Sokoto State. Two years later, we were joined together through a traditional wedding. Initially, our tribal differences constituted a lot of troubles to our relationship, but God had the final decision and we got married. Aisha hails from Kano State, she’s Fulani, while l’m from Oyo State.

We have been married for five years now, without a child. Sometimes, when Aisha feels bad, for her inability to conceive, l always stay around to pacify her. I always stick with her to show my genuine Love. Although, we have consulted many medical practitioners about our problem, nothing has happened. We have been confirmed healthy to bear kids. Yet Aisha worries herself all the time. That is normal for women anyway.

“Ade, don’t you think that my problem to conceive could be as a consequence of our tribal differences?” she had queried me one evening when we were about to sleep. She had returned from her bank that afternoon, behaving strange. She could not even discuss her activities in the office with me, quite unlike her. As an accountant, working in a private company, l always find time to discuss with Aisha, no matter how tedious the day might have been.

“So our problem has suddenly become yours. Na wah o” l expressed bitterly.

“Oh! I am sorry, l mean, our problem,” she apologized, “or don’t you think there’s more to this problem than what medical doctors could rectify?”

“I don’t think so, and l hope you aren’t accusing my lineage for the situation.”

“I am not insinuating that, but l think we should go a little bit traditional and…”

She paused mid-speech when she saw that l was looking perplexed.

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“Aisha, l understand how you feel, l also know what you will be thinking. But, there’s one thing l want you to have in mind always. In every marriage there’s always one obstacle or the other to battle. This is ours and we need to fight it. And with Love and patience we will overcome the problem. But never you discuss this issue to such a stage again!” I warned and angrily turned away from her.

After that evening, she never bothered me again until recently. She has been breathing down my neck for months now. She wants us to take the herbal step.

The way she has been troubling me for days now could force me to do away with my ego as a man. It might compel me to reveal the mystery behind our childlessness. My instinct has been making me feel guilty. I feel l should tell her everything.

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I’ve been afraid of telling her the main source of our problem. This is because l love her so much. I just can’t stand letting her go. If l tell her, she might decide to call for a divorce and leave me to my problem.

My problem started when l was in HND 1 at the polytechnic, Ibadan…

To be continued…

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