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True Life Story: The Girl I Have Been Crushing On Is Not Innocent


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True Life Story: The Girl I Have Been Crushing On Is Not Innocent

Hi Lively Stones,

Does anyone really believe in love at first sight? I never did until last week. I need your advise…I met someone last week and I think I am in love but it seems an impossible thing right now because of what I just found out about the girl in question. I know some may ask, how do I know I am in love after just one week. Well, this girl has been someone that I see occasionally around my work place.

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There is a canteen around my office that I see her eating sometimes with her friends during lunch hour. I admired her from afar. One time, I offered to pay for her lunch, she declined. I just liked her, her smile, her beauty and she seemed like a very nice girl. So, last week, it was raining heavily and I was driving home late after work….I got to a junction and saw a young girl with someone else in the rain.

I looked and decided to give them a ride since there was no bus in sight and they have banned okada in V.I. So, I stopped and asked them to get in. When they did, surprisingly, one of them was the same girl I been admiring. She was drenched in the rain. I then greeted her, she seemed ashamed that I caught her being drenched. I joked that the rain was heavy and this yeye government that banned okada was wrong.

This girl quickly said she had waited for so long for her uber and she had no choice but to enter the rain. I dropped the other woman who was standing with her by Ozumba but she told me she was going to Lekki, I decided to give her a ride home that night …this was my opportunity to shoot my shot. I liked her, so I told her, not to worry…I would take her home that night. We got talking all through the ride.

Getting to the toll gate, there was alot of traffic but I still did not mind. She kept apologizing and saying she can get down anywhere I am ok with dropping her… I told ger there was no way I was going to leave her by herself that night. It was almost 8pm. We kept on talking, the traffic was very heavy. The next thing that came out of her mouth was very shocking: she said…this rain is typical whether for two…that if I want, we can go somewhere and chill.

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This was the last thing I was expecting to hear from her . This is because, she seemed at first like a shy , well brought up girl. I asked her if she was sure…she said yes. I asked her if we could go to my place then, it was closer, I lived around Abraham Adesanya while she lived farther. She said ok. So, I turned and we headed to my place. Before we got to my place, I branched off and bought some noodles and drinks in a nearby supermarket.

We got to my place and before I could ask her to settle down, her top was off…she was taking off her clothes…she was ready…I became  scared…she was like…she is cold and needs to warm up immediately. I began to stammer because by then, her wet clothes were already on the floor. I can’t explain what happened next. All I know was we had s3x from around 9pm to around 1am that night before we caught our breathe. I was thinking this was a dream.

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Then I asked her why she decided to sleep with a stranger like me. She said…nothing. That she was cold and just needed warm up. That night was something I have never experienced in real life. I know girls do hook ups but she never seemed like one of those girls. She left the next morning around 6am. I have been struggling within me. I want to call her but because of the first day s3x we had, my mind set about her has changed.

So my question is, can any girl who sleeps with a guy they just met be a good girlfriend or wife material. No day has passed since last week that I have not been thinking about this girl but after sleeping with her…its clear that she is not as innocent as I thought she was….infact…she is a pro in bed. I want to hook up again with her but I am in love with her…I am afraid I will get heart broken because she seems like a girl of easy virtue.

Please advise me…what should I do?


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  1. You are also a man of easy virtue. Why did you say no. Bros, pack well because you play for the same team. For all you care she may not be into you and you just had fun, period!
    If you just want to catch fun then be plain with her and let her know.

  2. At this point you have to stop over speeding and stop overtaking,drive slowly.

    Calm down and watch,if you want a girl for marriage,it means you have to ‘look away’,you gerrit right?

    Getting a wife should be something you have to be careful about,not all girls that glitter are virtuous. Drive slowly,hope you are using protection? This is to avoid unwanted pregnancy, because the way you are going,huh! She is professional,we know but thread softly.

  3. A lady who sleeps with a guy at first date is cheap no difference from hook up lady , she only how u her talent , she probably does the same to other guy that explains why she I very audacious , u know most of this hook up ladies understand guys better than not some loyal wife because they understand what work, anyway u have ur self a new sex mate , if u want wife u might need to do some work on her , remember what she gives to u he can also give to another man too

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