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True Life Story: The Temptation Around My Girlfriend Is Too Much To Handle


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True Life Story: The Temptation Around My Girlfriend Is Too Much To Handle

Hi Lively Stones,

I want to break up with my girlfriend, but I do not know how to tell her. The issue is beyond me. We met online about a year ago. She is a social media influencer and a model. She likes the good life and she’s hustling in Lagos. We talked for like three months before we met physically and started dating. She has 2 other sisters who live with her. All three sisters are very yellow, hot and s3xy. One of them just graduated, while the other is doing her youth service in Lagos.

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When I met, her sisters all seemed like we were cool. I like my girlfriend alot. Shes fun and never a dull moment with her. However, I always prefer us spending more time at my place because of her sisters. They are all very attractive young ladies. When her sisters walk around, they are barely in any clothing. Most times they are in bum shorts, and it can be very distracting.

Now, the second sister is wild. She has a boyfriend and sometimes, he comes around and when they are f*cking, everyone kind of hears them cos she’s a screamer. Apart from the boyfriend, I have seen a couple of guys around her and I am sure she is boning all these guys. When am even having a good time with my girl, I am very self-conscious because I feel we may be heard as I used to hear her sister moaning. Anytime I tell my babe let’s stay in my place, she is like, she cannot leave her sisters alone, she is the eldest.

When I tell her that her younger sister’s s3x sounds is so audible, she laughs and jokingly says, oya lets go and join her sister to have group s3x. I look at my girlfriend as someone who is almost too exposed. She does not see the indecency her sisters are displaying and it’s making me feel uncomfortable.

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Last week, Sara (not real name), my babe and I were supposed to meet at my place but she was stuck in a meeting she went for so she suggested I go to her place, and she will meet me there. So I went to her place and met her younger sister Gina (the second loud sister). On getting there, Gina was watching a movie that had some erotic scenes. I got up and decided to go and wait in Sara’s room cos it was really uncomfortable for me.

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I was in Sara’s room for like 20 mins before Gina came in and she had this dirty naughty look on her face. Clearly, she was up to no good. Gina wanted to have s3x with me. I thought she was playing but she was braless…she took off her very short gown and came towards me. I knew I was in trouble. Gina and I began to struggle. She could not believe that I would resist her but I did. She said I am not the first Sara’s boyfriend that she has slept with. This girl is 24 years old.

Eventually, I left the house because of her. I could not explain to my girl why I left. Sara got upset that I left without explanation. Since then, I have been thinking if there is a need for this relationship to continue. What kind of wayward sister is Gina. What if this was a set up? What if its not…how do I continue dating a girl whose siblings are constantly seducing me. I know guys who would jump at this opportunity, but I do not want this.

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I like Sara alot. So, I called her a few days ago to tell her why I left her place. Do you know what she said that I should stop being so serious. That I know her sister is always playful and mischievous. That was no way her sister would have gone all the way to have s3x with me. How else do I explain to this my girlfriend that I am already having hard on just thinking of her sisters? I explained this to a friend and he was like I should f*ck Gina and see …that maybe they are trying to see if I can play that kind of game with the siblings….can he be right?

Is it not better to break up this relationship before someone will cause problem for me? I know myself…the next time her sister tries that ‘rough play’…it will not end in play. I do not like cheating, and I do not want someone to say I r*ped her. Like I said, Sara and her siblings are very exposed….they have alot of male admirers…they hang out around big boys and girls in this city…maybe this wild behaviour means nothing to them but that is not for me…

So, I told her I needed some space to think….Sara has been calling and texting me that am I breaking up with her? That how can I need space just because her sister was joking with me? Is this how girls act now? My friend said girls from that part of Niger Delta where Sara comes from are very promiscuous (she is from Ijaw, around Warri)…is that true? What should I tell her?

Please advise me.


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  1. My brother,who you should be worried for is your girlfriend,you need to know if she is not in any way cheating on you.

    Leave that family and go for a homely babe,how do you expect your girlfriend to be faithful,a social media influencer,a public figure, huh!

    She is the eldest,yet she cannot talk to her sisters,
    she cannot advice them,they bring in men and moan any how they like and you think they will not gang rape you one day,your girlfriend even suggested group sex with her sisters, nawaoooo.

    Don’t listen to that your yeye friend,he is not a good friend,how can he be advising you to sleep with your girlfriend’s sister,what if it was a set up?

    Nna find your square root,these girls will tempt you and show you shege when you least expect and it will end up causing a serious heartbreak. The earlier you tell her about the breakup,the better nna.


  2. Many Ladies want what another lady loves ND desires what another woman has or is having , u seem like a well trained guy from what I see , not like many of us ,of u would know a submissive woman it starts from the courtship , if she can’t listen to u when u are still dating then prepare for battle In the marriage , a good woman is submissive and listen , if she truly loves u then she should listen to u , the junior sister has nothing to lose because so many men have cross her river so she is too sick to know the stupidity of what she is asking for , if ur girlfriend can’t listen to u then give her space a little , come to think of it how do u feel comfortable listening to people having sex , it is kind of bizarre , and also remember how u can truly know a woman is through who she associate herself with , if her sister are promiscuous ND she can’t correct them even applauding them even suggesting group sex , then I don’t think ur girlfriend is any different from her sister , maybe she knows how to play her game very well , or how does a woman suggest her boyfriend to have sex with another woman if she too herself is not getting it from somewhere ?

  3. Firstly, you said you have been fornicating, STOP IT.

    Also, you you know her sisters dress so irresponsibly, yet you go there until one of them seduced you, no, bro, you know the right thing to do.

    Stop fornicating, stop going to her place. All im saying it, break up with her, you people that fornicate, I see you people are people that are just deceiving yourselves.

    Break up with her, and start making amends in your life, you have an irresponsible lady, and her sisters too are irresponsible, you too is irresponsible.

    Be the change bro.


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