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True Life Story: They Gave My Wife And Children To Another Man…And Almost Killed Me.


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Hello Livelystones,

The story of my life with lneh is funny when l think of it. I mean, from the point of view of an observer, it makes you want to laugh. But pray hard that it doesn’t happen to you, because then, it will no longer be funny at all.

They say that Love is blind. But it is stupid love that is blind. And such love will always lead those involved in it to the edge of the precipice. That is exactly what happened to me. I want young people who read this story to learn from it. I want you to know that when you fall in love, you should keep your eyes wide open. If there’s anything that one should keep one’s eyes wide open while getting involved in, that thing is love.

Ndidi was the first girl l ever fell in love with. I was twenty two years old then. I left secondary school two years before then because my father died and there was no money for me to continue schooling.

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My mom then persuaded her brother who was a dealer in Clothes to take me into his shop as an apprentice. I worked with Uche, my uncle, for two years before I hit money in a very unusual manner.

A trader in our line in the market bought a container of fake cotton clothes. It was supposed to be bedspread, but when it arrived, it turned out to be very cheap plain white cotton materials. He complained to his suppliers in China, and they confirmed that it was a mistake. They had given another person’s order to him. So, they sent his real container and told him to get rid of the other goods. Chief Okeke abandoned the unwanted clothes in his warehouse, and they were just wasting away. At a point, people were pulling out whole rolls of cloth from the container and using it as rags. I approached Chief and told him of my plans. He laughed and told me that whatever l did to get rid of that container is okay with him. That l should not even bother to give him any returns.

I took the clothes, roll after roll, dyed them in special local colours, starched, pressed them and sold them as batik. I worked all alone day and night.

In a less than one month, l had women queuing up in front of my uncle’s shop in demand for the clothes. The container was emptied within five months. And l had enough money to order a container of the same clothes from China. Even Chief Okeke almost became jealous of my success. I had a Mercedes Benz car, l bought a bungalow and even had a mini-factory in a rented warehouse, where l dye, starch and press my batik clothes. I had almost twenty people working for me and earning decent salaries.

One afternoon, l was in my shop when two beautiful girls walked in. They were dressed in tattered clothes, and had their faces covered in dirty colours. But even under the disguise, their beauty was irrepressible. One was of average height, slender and dark in complexion. The other had an even more beautiful face. She was  a bit shorter, rather fair-skinned with hazel eyes, her shape was also perfect.

They ignored me and went to my salesgirl and demanded to know the owner of the shop. The girl pointed at me. Unsatisfied, they went to the girl and told her once again that they wanted to see the real oga, and not the head apprentice. The girl sent them back to me. By then, l was already annoyed because that type of thing happened a lot of time. I was so young and had such a small stature that people just don’t believe that l was the boss and owner of a Seven million naira business

“Good afternoon sir”, the darker and bolder girl said as they approached me. They felt so awkward calling me ‘sir’, that they giggled between themselves.

“Yes, how may l help you”, l said very curtly.

The dark one recited like an amateur actress;

“My name is patience and my friend’s name is also patience. We are students of Abia State University, and we are having our rag-day today. Please, we need donations for the poor and the needy.”

“Are you poor and in need?”

Once again, they giggled for a long time before the dark one said again;

“No, we are not poor and in need, but we take the money to the poor and needy.”

“In that case, your container should have been labelled with either the name of your school or the name of a charity organization, and perfectly covered with tamper proof seal. That is the only way l can be sure that whatever you get is going back to the poor, and not to your personal pockets.”

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They were speechless and looked at each other. I could see some new respect coming into their faces, and they really felt ashamed for the face containers they were carrying. The dark one looked quite humiliated, as she said.

“Well sir, the prescribed containers at the school weren’t enough, so we made our own. I swear that whatever you give us; we will take it back to the school.”

I felt bad for making them look so stupid, so l said.

“Okay l will give 1,000 naira to each of you, is that enough?”

They were overjoyed at my generosity, and thanked me profusely as l stuffed money into their cans. Then l said;

“Just to make sure that you are not tempted to open those containers before you get back to school, l will also give you transport money.”

I gave them another 2,000 naira. They left the shop very happy and continued down the line of shops in the market. In the evening, they came back to my shop. The dark one said once again;

“We are about to go back to school sir, we just want to express our gratitude one final time. We are very lucky to have met you.”

“That’s okay patience and patience”, l said.

They laughed and the dark one said once again;

“You Know our names, but we don’t know yours sir.”

”l am not sure l know your names at all, how can both of you be named patience,” I said.

“My name is Ndidi, which means patience in Igbo, and my friend’s name is Ineh, which also means patience in Calabar language.”

“Oh l see. My name is Obinna, let me give you my business card.”

I gave her my business card and they both studied it with interest.

“So you are really the owner of this place?”, the dark one asked me.

“I don’t look it, do I?”

“No you don’t”

“Well, let’s just say God was on my side.”

We said our goodbyes and the girls left.

But, for days after they left, l just couldn’t get those girls out of my mind. They are so beautiful. I was particularly attracted to the short, fair Calabar one. Not only was she lovelier, her obvious humility and quiet deference to her friend completely melted my heart. I blamed myself for not having taken any address or means of contacting them, and prayed they could call.

But after a while, they both faded out of my mind, and it was business as usual.

But a few months later, the dark of the two girls came to my shop. She was looking more beautiful than anything l have ever seen and l was so overjoyed to see her that l almost shouted.

“Hey Ndidi, How are you?, I thought you have both forgotten me!”

“No Obinna, we were very busy in school. But we vacated last week, so l came to see how you are doing.”

“What of Ineh?”

“She went to Port Harcourt to stay with her aunt.”

“Wow, you are looking so beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“We can go somewhere cool and talk, you are not in a hurry to go, l entreated.”

“That’s alright”, she agreed.

I took her to a small exquisite hotel in town, and we chatted all alone in the quiet bar. She told me that she was in her first year in the Department of Accountancy, and that her brother in the US, who had been sponsoring her in School, had not been forthcoming lately, hinting that she had been going through hard times in school lately. I gave her a cheque for 50,000 naira, and told her to see me before school resumes, so that l will make sure that she was well provided for. She came around and sat on my laps to thank me. We started kissing. I put my hand into her shirt to cup and squeeze her naked breasts. She caressed my nipples under my own shirt. I then quickly paid for a room and took her upstairs. We spent the whole time making love.

True Life Story: They Gave My Wife And Children To Another Man...And Almost Killed Me.

She was the same age with me. And we had a blissful love affair for the next three years.

Then Ndidi visited me one day, accompanied by Ineh, and everything changed.

………..to be continued anonymous




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