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True Life Story: This Was Supposed To Be An Experiment On Pleasure But It Kinda Feels Like Cheating-Pls Advice


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True Life Story: This Was Supposed To Be An Experiment On Pleasure But It Kinda Feels Like Cheating-Pls Advice

Hello Lively Stones,

This may sound offensive to some people but Please don’t judge me. My name is Maya, (not real name). I am 27 year old and I think I maybe cheating on my husband but I am not sure. I am not having S** with a man o but I will explain what is happening for you people to advice me matter please.

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When I met my husband years ago, he told me that he does not want me to shave when we are being intimate. That was surprising to me because I always am clean shaven whether or not I am in a relationship. I cannot keep a dirty private area and I think its dirty if it is not shaven.

We argued about this alot and we broke up because he said its ladies who cheat on their men that are always clean shaven. That as a man, he prefers it bushy. Well, I missed him so much and we got back together after a while. What I do, is, I trim but not clean shaven and he is ok with it.

Surprisingly, when we got married. He then told me that I can start being clean shaven because he knows me now and he trusts me that I can never cheat on him. You see, I am still doing my masters and have not given birth yet. We got married two years ago and the plan is that I will take in after my masters by the end of this year.

So for my last masters session, I decided to stay sometimes in campus to read with my colleagues especially when its exam time. I needed alot of concentration. I met this lady who is one of the smartest people in my class, I asked her if I can stay with her on campus cos its just one session, no need to pay for accommodation.

Irene is her name. (not real name abeg o). So, Irene agreed. I moved in with her, staying with Irene the smart girl paid off. I was reading more and getting more and more better with my studies. Then I noticed Irene does not have a boyfriend or fiancé but she has alot of S** toys which she use to pleasure herself.

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This girl is too open eye…she is those kind of feminist who believe you don’t need a man even for pleasure. Just watching her use the toys on herself use to turn me on I swear. One day, I was so fascinated, I asked her why not get a real man and she said, If I try this thing on you, you will never let your husband touch you again.

I told her its a lie, that a machine can never match a man…she dared me to let her try it on me. I agreed…and that was where the wahala started. Irene performed S**ual acts on me with her toys that I began to want more. In the process, we began to have a lesbian affair.

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Initially, I told myself that its not cheating cos, I am with a woman, not a man…I never even knew I could ever be attracted to a fellow woman. Irene asked me to clean shave for best pleasure experience and then I told her about how my husband would know that I cheated if I had a clean shave.

Irene laughed so hard at my naiveness. She said, using a S** toy is not cheating cos you are the one giving pleasure to yourself , she explained that some married couples use it on themselves but that when its me and her, its called experimenting. That cheating is only when its not an experiment but a constant S**ual engagement.

I told Irene that I cannot do it with her again. I am done with experimenting. From now, I will do only the toys but its like, its not just the toys that I craved, I craved Irene and the way she made me experience pleasure with her fingers and tongues and strappons. I started feeling guilty.

I travelled home two weeks ago and I swear, S** with my husband felt so basic and boring. I asked my husband if he knows anything about self pleasure for couples, and he says only men who can not satisfy their wives use that. That he is a beast in bed, so he knows we don’t need it.

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I resented my husband for saying that but I cannot tell him that his S** game is lame because he might think I am cheating, so I just laughed over it. But he is no where near the more sophisticated styles of pleasure that I have learned from Irene. I swear, I do not intentionally want to cheat cheat on my husband but going back to campus, I told myself that I have to stop this experiment with Irene but getting to the room that night, we did it all night.

Again, I felt somehow bad, like I am betraying my husband but I asked myself this question, how can it be cheating when there is no sperm involved? Maybe its truly just an experiment but I don’t know anymore.

So, I want to ask what your readers think. Did I cheat on my husband by pleasuring myself or by being pleasured by a fellow woman? But how can that even be cheating when there was no sperm released in the process? The secretions between us is the same cos we are both gender.

I still love my husband. I still want him but I just discovered a new kind of pleasure….how can it harmful when its not from another man? My husband is not even worried because he knows I am living with a fellow woman…who only opened my eyes to sweetness I never knew I could give myself or a fellow woman can give me.

All  these does not mean  I have any intention of leaving my husband for Irene. I still want to have children…I still enjoy my husband’s manhood. Maybe not as much but I still do crave it and exchange of sperm is what makes it an affair right? …I don’t know but I feel so. All this is still new to me.

Please I need advice, does this also mean that I may be a lesbian or will the experiment be over maybe when am no longer around someone like Irene?


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  1. Enough of this yeye experiment. Is that why you are in the campus? To be experimenting upandan,abi.
    Leave Irene’s house this minute and look for some where else to stay,Irene is just like an (alakoba).

    Your husband must not find out about this nonsense because you are cheating on him ooo.
    You are cheating on him and lesbianism is a sin. Be warned!

  2. You don’t need anyone to tell you that your experiment has gone wrong!
    Cheating isn’t the only thing to be worried about here, you’re emotionally involved with that lady in this weird S.e.xual thing you’ve found yourself and it calls for counselling to stop this.
    You need help!
    Probably psychiatric or psychological help to stop this habit and be normal again.

  3. You truly need help! if your husband visits unannounced and finds you and Irene in the lesbian or S.e.x toy act, how will he feel? he will clap for you and ask you carry on abi???? if he wont do these, then youre cheating on him.
    Please stop , flee this appearance of evil , go for deliverance from the spirit possessing you in to Lesbianism and start praying for God’s mercies and fruitfulnes.
    You ll complete your program and the next thing is to have children.
    PLS repent now and begin to prepare your spirit, soul and body for motherhood .
    Stop justifying what youre doing with that Lady, Fleeeee.


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