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True Life Story: We Had A Consensual Affair But I Have To Lie About It


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True Life Story: We Had A Consensual Affair But I Have To Lie About It

Hi Lively Stones,

I want to remain anonymous. I know some people will curse me for this, its ok but please also don’t forget to advise me. To err is human.

Some months ago, I met a very attractive girl at a job interview. We both came for the interview in a mortgage bank. She was interviewed first and she waited for me. We left together to my place and had S**.

After that, I didn’t hear from her again. Like a week later, she called me that she got called to come and pick up her employment letter. I was happy for her but told her I was not called.

After she resumed, I think someone was fired or they resigned. So they called me back like almost 3 weeks after. The very week I resumed, my supervisor at work, told me she likes me and asked if I had a girlfriend, I said no…she asked me to hang out with her after work.

Thats how we started seeing each other. To my amazement, the other girl was still chatting me ,saying she wants to see me. I told her no, cos I just started a relationship. She told me she has a boyfriend but its complicated, that she just wants causal S**,nothing more. I said OK.

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A week later, I had planned to spend the weekend with my supervisor, Ronnie.(my supervisor)..but all of sudden, this girl shows up with her overnight bag at my place…all efforts to dismiss her failed. I had to tell her I was in a relationship with Ronnie and she will soon be here. She told me that Ronnie is her friend, that they went to the same secondary school.

Lets call this one Sandra. Sandra laughed and said she is not going anywhere cos she met me before Ronnie. That’s how Ronnie met us and both ladies refused to leave for each other. We watched movies until I slept off…

Sandra started touching me…Ronnie felt jealous and started touching me…I then suggested we all have fun together and have a threesome. Both girls agreed. Mad wild S.e.x went down that weekend. We all went to work from my place on Monday morning.

After that time, I decided not to see both girls anymore because Ronnie and Sandra don’t talk to each other. It became very obvious in the company that there was tension between both of them. They never agreed with each other on anything. I tried to talk to both of them to be civil but they were both acting like cat and dog.

A few weeks ago, an error happened at work. It was clearly my fault. If it got out, I would be severely penalized for it cos it involves a huge sum of money. Ronnie quickly called my attention to it. She said she would cover me up if only I played ball. By that, she meant, we hook up. I did not have a choice. I looked at it as a way of thanking her for saving my ass.

Unfortunately, after we hooked up, Ronnie sent Sandra a dirty text showing me and her in bed. Sandra was so upset that attacked Ronnie at work.  The management found out the two ladies were involved with me. Sandra was suspended for attacking a fellow colleague and I was given a query to answer why I was involved with two ladies at work which is gross misconduct.

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Now, I can either tell the truth to say both ladies knew about each other or I can lie to say I didn’t tell Ronnie about Sandra but that Sandra was the one forcing herself on me even though she knew I was with Ronnie.

Ronnie wants me to say that Sandra was forcing herself on me, stalking me…otherwise, she would expose my error and that could get me into more trouble. Ronnie…wants me to lie against Sandra, so that Sandra can loose her job. I feel terrible…to be lying about this…but it seems I have no way out. Sandra is begging me to say that she knew me before Ronnie, so Ronnie can be penalized.

I don’t know what to do…who do I lie about ? I just don’t want to loose my job. Women na wa, why did Sandra go and fight na…if she is fired, will that be my fault? Did I tell her to fight Ronnie? But in truth, Sandra knew me first cos we met during the interview. I feel confused on what to say…Please advise.


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  1. No need to lie in favour of anyone.

    Tell the management how it all happened,chikina. But you sef,nawaooo. You had three some and you were the one that suggested it,if the three of you looses your job,so be it,it is bad to lie in favour of anyone,it will definitely work against you in future, because no one knows tomorrow. Tell the truth and whatever the management wants to do,let them do,atleast you have learnt your lesson now.

  2. Just say the truth. Ronnie cannot expose your error because her own punishment will be worse (for covering for you). If it comes to her daring you, you can also expose her that she blackmailed you for the error that is why you continued seeing her.


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