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True Life Story: What Does It Mean To Have S3x Dreams About Someone?


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True Life Story: What Does It Mean To Have S3x Dreams About Someone?

Hello Lively Stones,

Do you believe in dreams? I am not one that is superstitious but I have been having a very weird dream for two months and I need to know what this dream means. Before I tell you about my dream, let me tell you how I met the person that this dream is all about. Last year, I met this guy (lets call him Wale) in a fuel station close to my estate. It was during that fuel scarcity period.

We sha were gisting on the fuel que. Alot of  people were just talking, all condemning the government, frustrated at the fuel situation. After several hours on the que, I got fuel and Wale paid for my fuel and asked me for my phone number. I told him I was in a relationship but he was like, lets just be friends. So I gave him my number.

From time to time, Wale would call or chat me after that. He would be teasing me when am I dumping my boyfriend to come to him. I would laugh but the interesting thing was that, me and my boyfriend were actually having a difficult time ,….we were arguing cos he was not showing commitment to the relationship. Sometimes, my boyfriend will not call me for weeks.  In December, we both decided to call off the relationship cos it was not working.

Wale was still texting me…but I did not tell him I was single now. I just wanted to take a break from dating. Nit wanting to jump from one relationship to another. So, anytime Wale asks me to date him, I would still tell him I have a boyfriend…he would joking say things like…I will kidnap your boyfriend….or I will kidnap you from him. We just laughed. It also gave me an opportunity to know him very well before I can decide if we can date.

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On Valentine’s day, Wale sent me several gift items. I was blown away cos even my ex boyfriend of two years never did close to what Wale did for me on Val’s day. Wale was a romantic and knows how to toast a woman very well. I thanked him very well for the gift but told him I was still in a relationship. That kind of made him pull back a bit. He did not speak much to me after that val’s day.

Then a week later, we bumped into each other in my estate. He was driving and I was strolling. He called out my name. He said he came to see someone in my estate. He asked me what I was doing…I said nothing…he said he wants to come visit me in my place…I pointed my apartment for him. He then said he would come visit the next day. And true to his word, he came the next day…brought some nice gifts….perfume and some groceries and food. He was really trying to impress me as boyfriend material.

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True Life Story: What Does It Mean To Have S3x Dreams About Someone?

We talked and hung out in my place for like an hour and he told me he was leaving. He pecked me and left. That night, I had a dream about Wale…in the dream, we were having s3x. The dream was so real that I woke up sweating. I went back to sleep again….Wale was still there…making love to me. I wondered if it was because I was beginning to like this guy. So, I tried to avoid him but since that day, almost every night I dream of having s3x with Wale.

In fact, when I wake up…I feel very tempted to call Wale and sleep with him. So I called him one day after the s3x dream….he did not pick and he did not return my calls for two weeks. When he called me back, he sounded distant…he said he was busy with work. To me, that felt like he was already loosing interest in me yet I am now beginning to have feelings for him. It weird but I feel very horny thinking of Wale. What does it mean to have s3x dreams with a guy you are not yet dating officially…does this mean I am falling in love with him?

And should I tell him how I feel now that he is no longer showing interest? What if he has a girlfriend now? Will that be like I am now throwing myself at him? What if he rejects me? I am afraid of getting my heart broken. I feel like I was playing hard to get and now this guy has lost interest yet I am having steamy s3x with him in my dreams? Please advice me…what should I do? Should I tell him how am feeling? Or is this s3x dream just because I have not been with a guy for a long time? What are these dreams trying to tell me?



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  1. You are in love with him because of the gifts you have been getting from him, probably he is richer than your ex and has done more than what your boyfriend of two years hasn’t done for you.

    Wale is just playing around,thank God you haven’t given in.

    Get a job,get busy and you will stop having sex dreams or you should also be sure you don’t have a spirit husband. You also need to pray and stop thinking about Wale,he has a girlfriend,he just wanted to play around,he might also be having little issues with his wife or girlfriend as at that time and wanted to entice you with lots of gifts,thank God say you never fall yakata.

    Stop thinking of him and think of how your beautiful life will get better biko,if you are for him,he will come back with more gifts to propose to you.


  2. Obviously you got into him from the first day.

    Kindness has a way of creating a soft spot for people in our hearts.

    Well, I will ask you try to know Wale better especially now that you think about him often so you don’t accept him and get used.

    You may be in love but be wise, guard your heart and find a focus on other things so you don’t let your feelings everywhere on Wale.

    You should be matured to ask him open questions about his feelings for you, and ask about his relationship.

    If you are already having sex in the dream, it means you won’t keep sex out of the relationship. Hmmm!

    If you will date Wale, be careful about adding sex to that relationship especially at the beginning.

    Pray! Pray! Pray!

    Sex is deeper than we see it. Some sex steal people’s future and happy destiny unknow to them.

    Be at your guard.

    All the best!

  3. Dear poster, every body’s interpretation for dream is different. Having sex in the dream is something to worry about and it’s more worse that in reality nothing of such is something to worry about as a christian.please pray about it.do not let his gift get to you.for him to give you space now means he just wanted to get in-between your legs.so be thankful you never gave in.let him be,if he’s yours,he will come around.please pray against the sex in the dream it’s not a good thing and concentrate on yourself please.my thoughts.

  4. Having actual s3x in the dream is bad. Spiritually and physically wrong because you are making out with spirits and not humans. When you wake up, you won’t feel alright, which is the opposite feeling when you have physical s3x.
    When that dream s3x involves someone you know physically, it calls for concern.

    My advice? Distance yourself from Wale.
    Something is wrong.
    In the meanwhile, why not take a break from relationships that involve you having s3x physically (now spiritually is involved) and focus more on your relationship with God? Ask Jesus to come into your life and be the lover of your soul. Then, He can direct your life and help you out with your soulmate.
    Seize this season of the remembrance of His death and get to know him.


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