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True Life Story: What My Boyfriend Is Hiding From Me Is Heartbreaking


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True Life Story: What My Boyfriend Is Hiding From Me Is Heartbreaking

Good evening Jzhane ,

Please share my story I need advise. I met Avi on Instagram last month, January 18 to be precise .. He was everything I wanted in a man , we video called and texted each other everyday , I thought I knew him cos we spoke about it all ( from friendship to relationship and marriage) even before we met physically in person I had already fallen in love with him because he was so nice and there for me

Avi was a church person and very Godfearing, February 2 the following month we saw physically cos we got tired of the online romance, I went to his house and we had S** then talked about becoming official now that we’ve met in person

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Shortly after the physical meeting we started having issues, he became a completely different person from how I knew him before we met , severally I asked him want the problem was and if he didn’t like me after we met and he gave excuse that it was work and all which I tried understanding, soon after the calls and way we spoke reduced and we fought more often every time involving my friends to try settling us together

We picked a date for our second meeting which was last week Friday . We met a had S** , Avi slept off while I was awake cos I was bored , I picked up something that looked like a bible only to discover it was his diary , I opened it to read the content inside only to see his goal for 2022 and discovered he was to be engaged later to a lady this year named Hannah.

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3 days before the meeting we asked each other series of questions and I personally asked him if he was single and he said yes he was , I asked how long and he told me long enough . I was shocked wen I saw engagement and in bracket Hannah . I woke up him up for an explanation and he gave non to me

I picked my things up and left his house, from Friday till today I haven’t heard anything from Avi , I called thrice but he didn’t pick up, sent several WhatsApp text demanding for explanation but he read them and said nothing

What do I do pls , I can literally do nothing right , all I do is think and cry . I feel like begging him but am just holding back

Blocked him off already but my heart aches so much.

I feel so heartbroken

How do I deal with issue pls help me

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  1. Sister,move on.the guy just used you.
    How can you meet someone in January and fall helplessly in love the him?
    Kai…..the risk some of you takes is out of this world.

    Be smart next time.

  2. Take heart, be strong, learn your lessons and move on. That guy is a player and played a smart one on you. I am sure you are not the first and maybe not the last.
    Find your strength. Do not beg him, that will be so humiliating. Have self value and love and leave that guy alone, he will meet his waterloo

  3. Bia this babe,you better leave that guy alone.

    You will soon get over it,na so teenage things dey be. Move on! Move on! He is not your boyfriend,you only gave him free kpekus to eat,that’s all.

  4. Dear poster, please don’t feel down, I understand you fell hopelessly in love with him, but try to forget about him and move on, do not beg him, just focus your mind on other things, love will surely find you, peace dear…

  5. My piece of advice is that, be strong and move on…in your next search for love,don’t have S.e.x. Waot enough before u try do something.
    S.e.x mostly blind us to see the reality.


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