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True Life Story: Why I Broke Up With My Almost Perfect Boyfriend


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True Life Story: Why I Broke Up With My Almost Perfect Boyfriend

Hi Lively Stones,

Please hide my identity. I am a little shy about sharing my story but I think I might get valuable advice. You see, I turned 40 years old in January of this year. I had no serious boyfriend not to talk of husband. I was sad and very scared that I was going to spend the rest of my life being childless and unmarried. To the outsiders, I look happy because I always try to stay positive but deep down, I was scared.

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A few days later, my boss, a wonderful woman who is like my mentor, asked me how do I feel about adopting a child of my own or getting pregnant via artificial insemination. That made decided that I will start making plans to adopt or have my own baby. I told my mother….though she was not happy, she gave her blessings. I then began to make several enquiries about adoption process.

From what I was being told, it takes alot of processes and money to adopt. I did not have that kind of money. So, I decided to get pregnant. Maybe just look for a sperm donor or have a fling. In March, I met this guy that I shared a ride with. I got friendly with him and we started texting. I was on a mission. We met and I made out with him. He was surprised, he said he did not think I was the kind of girl that will have s3x with someone on the first date.

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That kind of embarrassed me so I told him to forget about it. He apologized and said he wanted to get to know me better, to have a relationship with me before s3x. I agreed. We started dating and my goodness, this guy is like the best boyfriend I ever had. A perfect gentleman. When he asked me my age, I had to lie to say I am 32. He is 34. By June, I was pregnant. So, I tried to break up with him cos I was afraid he would ask me to abort the child since we only dated for less than six months.

I sent him a text and told him that I am no more interested. Mario (not real name) refused to break up. He kept asking me what he did wrong, and I kept saying nothing that we are not made for each other. It was a painful break up but I tried very aggressively to send him away and he eventually gave up. Anyone who bothered to ask me, I told them that we broke up because he was married, and he lied to me.

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Mario found out the lie I was telling about him and he came to my office demanding to see me. I refused and asked the security guards to send him away. Mario then went to see my boss. He knows me and my boss are very close. He went and told her everything. That I broke up with him yet I am the one lying to people that he was married …he begged her to talk me cos he is still in love with me.

Only my boss apart from my mom knows my plan was to get pregnant and have a baby. So, my boss called me and asked me to tell Mario that I am pregnant, and I do not want him to think I am a bad person but I just want a baby. That I love him too but I know he may not want to be with me after he knows that I dated him just to get pregnant.

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That was when I told my boss, that not only did I pretend to Mario but I also lied about my age. My boss thinks Mario loves me and will not mind about the lies I told about my age and that I am pregnant for him. I don’t know what to do. Should I take my boss advice to tell Mario? What if he hates me for lying and getting pregnant without his knowledge?

I do not know how he will react if I tell him the truth…he may think that I am desperate and a whore. What I don’t tell himit was my plan but I got pregnant by mistake….what about my age…should I tell the truth or continue with the lie with my age? Hmmm…I have tried several times to pick up the phone to tell him but my fear keeps me back.

Maybe I should just stick to the plan and just keep my mouth shut and go away from him. Maybe I can try to tell him after the baby is born?  What do you think?


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  1. Please tell Mario the truth,you can’t keep another man’s baby all by yourself since he didn’t do any wrong to you. Mario is a nice guy.

    He wants you,he likes you too. Please tell him you are pregnant and your age and wait for his response, what if he sees you pregnant? What do you think he will be thinking about you, knowing full well that you are not married.

    Who even says that 40years cannot marry,you just feel time is going,please tell him and wait for his response first before telling people lies about him,you shouldn’t have done that now, telling lies about an innocent guy,you sef.


  2. Dear poster I understand your plight, u started your relationship on lies, u feel u aren’t good enough, don’t wait till the baby is born, don’t be too desperate, I will advice u let Mario In on it, he deserves to know, don’t be self centered, come out clean with the pregnancy and your age and apologize to him, let him see you are truly sorry….if you love him; u can start by telling him about your plans of getting pregnant but later on you realized u fell for him and couldn’t look him in the face by telling him the truth since u were on a mission because u knew it will hurt him, that’s the reason u left because u feel he may never accept u and the pregnancy, u can tell him if he doesn’t want to take responsibility of the child there’s no problem, u won’t bother him concerning the upkeep of the child, let him see how sorry u are……:if it will work out, it will definitely work out….peace dear….

  3. When we tell you to stop fornicating, please listen and learn.

    Im concerned about you, forty years old, you may be having a spiritual attack sister, there are many women with this issue. Please seek help fast and flee from all kinds of sexuak immorality.

    You can go to winners at Ota, Lagos, please you need help sister.

    But why will you spoil his name by lying about him that he is married, that is bad of you. You have to tell him all, he must know.

    To the men that fornicate, they should know sex is for marriage and many women are just looking for sperm donors.

    It is unfortunate this where society has gotten to.

    Sister, seek spiritual solutions.

    I wish you well.


  4. Hi,

    With God all things are possible. 40 was not late with trust in God.Sarah had a child at 90 years old.

    Let Mario know about the baby and your age. It is easier to bring up a baby with both Parents, one day your child will ask for their Father. One day you may need a Fatherly influence over your child for discipline etc.

    Mario may stay and become the husband you desire. Whichever the case, let him know.

    All the best

  5. What do you have to lose? Nothing. Tell him the whole truth: That might push him farther away since that’s what you want, or he might ignore all that and still choose to love you. (Good for you either way).


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