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True Life Story: Why Is My Wife Always Having Miscarriages?


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True Life Story: Why Is My Wife Always Having Miscarriages?

Dear Lively Stones,

I have made a terrible mistake which I have asked God for forgiveness from several times but it’s like God wants me to confess to my wife before he will forgive me. My wife is a top business executive. We met through a business meeting. I really admired her intelligence, independence and success as a single young lady. I toasted the hell out of her before she finally agreed.

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This babe is high class, I had to keep up with her to be able to impress her…and it was not easy but eventually she began to like me and the rest is history. So, I had a good thing going with my high class babe but trust my village people to try to ruin my destiny. The problem I have is yansh. Yes, I love to knack a girl is a big arse. My babe has onyinbo yansh…not too big but not too small…

So, I can marry for beauty and brains but for yansh…the way I was designed, yansh is something I cannot resist…so on the side, I was messing around with a few hook hup girls who like to tempt man with yansh. And it was easy cos lekki babes, na so so…arse everywhere…and they are not even hard to knack…just smile for them and their undies are come off immediately.

A particular girl did not seem to get the memo that we are just knacking, nothing serious…but this babe went and got pregnant. When she told me, I told her to get the f*ck off….cos I am not her boyfriend…we just dey knack and I told her from day one. This girl wanted to prove stubborn, she found out about me, that I had a high class babe…so she threatened to expose me to my babe.

And man cannot have that…there was no way I was going to allow her put sand in my garri…my girlfriend is my future millionaire wife…no one will come in-between us especially the fact that I was planning to propose. So I offered this girl money to terminate the pregnancy…500k…she refused. She wanted to wicked me…why? From the first time we met, I told her this was just a f*ck arrangement…and she was fine with it…so why she does not want money anymore? She wants to have my baby? Yea, I know…so she can make me her ATM for life abi? She thinks she is smart…she wants to have the baby and I must pay monthly upkeep for the baby. No way.

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Then, I knew I had to do something very fast. So, I told her to give me some time to think…all was to make her believe I was thinking of changing my mind, so that I can allow her keep the pregnancy but I know I was just pretending so she can soften a bit. I even began to send her sweet messages after that. I met with her in her house later, I told her that I had a long thought and I agree to be her baby daddy and support her financially except she agrees not to tell my fiancé .

I told her that I would eventually even marry her as my second wife if things go well with my fiancé. I told her I could not live without an attractive woman like her. These my sweet talks made her drop her guard easily. Women are so easily deceived….I feel terrible but I had no choice. That night…I even f*cked till day break but what she did not know was that I put abortion pills in her drink while we were having s3x.

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In the morning, I gave her oral…ate her p*ssy out so she would never suspect anything. I was the sweetest lover. I sent her love messages throughout the day until the abortion bills started working and she began to bleed…she called me because she was in pain and I came to take her to the hospital. The doctors took her in and saw that she was miscarrying…they said they needed to evacuate the pregnancy so she will not die.

Till date, I feel like a mad man for doing such a thing to this girl cos of the pain she went through…she lost the pregnancy and she could not believe what the doctors said about her taking abortion pills. Of course, she accused me of secretly poisoning her but she had no proof so I told her to stop blackmailing me cos I wanted the baby and I was busy sending her sweet messages…so why would I abort the pregnancy.

Well, long story short, that was how I ended the relationship. However, since that day, this girl has been sending curses to me…that I will never have a child in my life…that I will have the same fortune I placed on her. I blocked her and got rid of my past with her. A year later, I got married to my beautiful wife. Its been three years of marriage and about 6-8 miscarriages. We have not been able to get pregnant without miscarrying the pregnancy.

The longest pregnancy was six months and my wife gave birth to a still born. I am as devastated as my wife. We have done several tests….nothing is wrong with her in the many hospitals we went to. Only one hospital said she may be experiencing invisible fibroids…they did a procedure to remove the fibroids…nothing changed…..the doctors do not know why she cannot carry a baby to full term.

One doctor said it may be the walls of her uterus are weak…so the placed my wife on alot of drugs…nothing changed, so here, my mind is playing me, telling me that all these miscarriage is due to the abortion I did on that girl last year. I am really terrified if it has anything to do with it. The doctors are recommending we do surrogacy or we go abroad for further treatment.

My wife moved abroad to see a specialist and they said nothing is wrong with my wife. We tried to get pregnant for almost seven months but it was bit difficult cos I was back her in Lagos…I only travelled when she was in her ovulation and we would have s3x for like several hours. Eventually, she came back home and she got pregnant. After which, she returned back abroad but 2 days after she returned, she miscarried.

Several times, I have thought about going to plead with the babe but that would mean that I have to admit that I did put abortion pills in her drink. Omo…the girl papa na retired military…I do not think the girl will forgive me…I also cannot risk my wife ever finding out what I did…she would be totally devastated. That is why I have been asking God for forgiveness. To atone for my sins, I have been sending money to motherless babies homes since June this year.

I thought everything was forgiven and forgotten cos after I started giving to the motherless babies…my wife carried our pregnancy up to five months and three weeks. But she started having unsual sensations in her belly…when we went to the hospital…the baby was dead.  I almost committed suicide…my wife has been depressed since. Even my wife thinks God is punishing her for having one abortion when she was in university many years ago. Can that also be the reason? Both of us have done abortions in the past. Now, my wife would not even let me touch her for s3x cos she says there is no use of sleeping with me if she cannot carry a baby to full term.

Basically…I am lost for what to do anymore? Could that girl be really responsible for all the miscarriages? Or is this just a medical condition that we still have not found an explanation for?



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  1. This is not a medical problem,do the needful.

    You are putting your wife through somuch pains already,you need to be forgiven by the lekki babe or you go for surrogacy.

    You actually put an abortion pill in her drink,you get mind ooo. I need to correct this impression you have about women,we are not easily deceived, please. Whosoever chooses to be deceived,will be deceived. Confess to your wife,that innocent girl’s curse is really working,it is all over you already,tell your wife what you did,both of you can go and beg the babe,that is the only way you can carry your own baby.

    You see where too much yansh don land you,wetin too much of yansh dey cause. Do the needful with immediate alacrity,no time oooo.

  2. Go and make things right you never can know until you do!

    Set yourself free from this problem your greed and lust have gotten you into ! Go for forgiveness.

  3. Hope Im not late in dropping my 2cents.
    There is power in thoughts and minds . Also, there are some “Heads” you dont offend and go scott free. I believe these are the two factors at play with you on this matter. the former applies to you and the later applies to the Lady in question.
    Go and do the needful. Swallow the frog, talk to your wife about it and you both should take the bold steps to clear yourselves from the blasts from the past.
    Search for it . Youll find God there who is able to truly set you free from your struggles there.
    It will be well.


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