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True Life Story: Why You Should Pray For Good In-laws (My Mother In-law Seduced Me)


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True Life Story: Why You Should Pray For Good In-laws (My Mother In-law Seduced Me)

Dear Lively Stones,

Someone gave me your contact, he said you used to advice marriages. Please I need your help. I have messed up in my marriage … I might loose my wife and children if things don’t change. I married my wife in the year 2017. We were introduced by a mutual friend, we dated for two years before we married.

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One thing I noticed was my mother and sister did not seem to get along with my wife while we were dating. When I told them that I was going to marry her, they did not support because they said my wife is not a humble person because she came from a rich home. You know, things have changed these days. Gone are the days where because you want to marry someone, you must lick the floor so the family will accept you.

And yes, my wife is from a rich family. Her mother is a top politician with alot of money. My wife is well exposed and independent too. I talked to my wife, then girlfriend to try and get along with my family and she tried a little but my mother and sister did not give her any chance. They felt she was not wife material and that I was marrying her because of her money.

To be honest, I thought my family will eventually come around and like my wife after they see we are married. But after the marriage, when they came to visit, they would be causing trouble in my house and it got to a point, for peace to reign, I asked my family members not to come to my house anymore if they cannot get along with my wife. Of course, they were not happy at all. They called me woman-wrapper….that means, my wife is controlling me.

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Not too long after that, I started resenting my wife …I blamed her for driving a wedge between me and my family. Yes, I choose her over my family but I blamed her for it as well. I started disliking her. We quarreled over small things. I don’t know what came over me. My wife even said my family must have done something spiritual to make us fight.

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Anytime my wife made reference to my family or tried to blame them for our issues, I got more incensed and very disgusted with my wife. At a point, she was no longer attractive to me. She would be naked, I would not have an erection. I did not even want to be near her. That is how, her mother started trying to intervene.

Somehow, I was cool with the mom but the mom too is a crazy person. I think she was somehow jealous of her own daughter…because she was a single mother yet her daughter is married. My wife’s mother has 3 children for 3 different men. When we were dating, the mother also did not approve of me because she felt I was after their money too. But later, she began to realize I was truly in love with her daughter and she began to support us.

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For almost 2 years, me and my wife were not having s3x. Like I said, I was not attracted to her. I was cheating with several women…It was like I wanted to hurt her for the fact that my family and I are not in good terms. I thought that would push her to go and make peace with my family and humble herself. Instead…my wife started ignoring me as well.

One day, I got home and found my wife had moved out and taken the children with her. I could not reach her on the phone. I went to the mother’s house to look for them but they were not there. I wanted to run mad. I was desperate. For four days, I had no idea where to look for them. I drunk drove to her mother’s house.

The mother saw that I was drunk, set me up. She asked me to spend the night in her mansion because I was too drunk to drive. While I was sleeping at night, the mother came and seduced me. I subconsciously knew someone was trying to arouse me but my head was spinning still from the effect of alcohol.

After a while as we were having s3x, my eyes became clear a bit…I was trying to push her away…she said I should f*ck her harder if I really want my family back. And that motivated me to do her bidding. I regret that day…it was like I could not control myself. I started crying and asking her why she did that…she said she was horny. That was when I realized truly the kind of mother in-law I had….s3x does not mean anything to her. She is a wild woman.

From there, she promised to help me get her daughter back if I agree to f*ck her anytime she wanted. I agreed cos I was desperate. As promised, she reconciled me and my wife and I thought everything was back to normal. My mother in-law was just getting started. She would summon me for s3x and she was wild. She is into all kinds of kinky s3x.

One time, she gave me love bites on my body….I could not remove my shirt in front of my wife for a week until the bites disappeared. Her demands were getting more and more. Yes…I also benefitted from her …she would compensate me financially after every f*ck session.

Then one day, she visited us. She had come to give one of my sons a birthday gift …but when she came….my wife had taken the boys to get a haircut, so they were not at home. My mother in-law decided we have a quick f*ck before my wife comes. I did not want to but she was very excited and was dragging me to our matrimonial bedroom. I agreed for a quick f*ck.

Time seemed to fly very fast because the next thing I heard was the door flung open and my wife was standing there,….staring at us like she say a ghost. A ghost of my and her mother having carnal knowledge of each other. I cannot describe what happened next. The mother quickly left our house cos my wife was going to pour hot water on her. As for me…my wife threw my things out after I explained everything to her.

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My wife said she knows her mother is a freak so she cannot blame her. Her mother had slept with some of her boyfriends even when she was in school before. Its no big deal cos people get carried away by her charm and money. But that she trusted me . That she can forgive me for cheating with anyone else but not her flesh and blood.

My wife can no longer trust me. She wants to divorce me. I have been begging her but I know she is right. I messed up. I have no reason to betray her with her own mother. I see how much I have hurt her and I am willing to do ANYTHING in this world to make her forgive me. I do not want to loose my family. I have no one else to go to to help me beg her. My family do not want us to be together and her own mother is the cause of our trouble.

How can in-laws be doing everything to destroy us? My own mother and my own mother in-law?

Please help me…please assist me.


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  1. Oga you have really messed up oooo. Don’t even know what to say,your family are not in support,now your mother in-law has ruined everything.

    Just keep begging her if you know you don’t want the divorce ooo,if you know you don’t want to loose your family, keep begging,infact you go beg tire because your wife has money,she can go to any length to destroy you. Just beg,keep begging,you just have to beg,beg ooooo because you have used your hand to scatter everything finally.

    How can you sleep with your wife’s mother,your own mother in-law? You sef,nawaooo
    Just beg until she listens to you,it is well with you. I’m sure your mother and sister will be very sad about this mess you have put yourself into because they warned you but you didn’t listen. Now carry the cross alone

  2. im afraid , humanly speaking, you may have lost your family. it will take time, continous pleading and prayers to get them back.
    its well with you.


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