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True Life Story: Wives Beware Of Whatsapp Groups That Husbands Belong To


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True Life Story: Wives Beware Of Whatsapp Groups That Husbands Belong To

Hello Lively Stones,

Wives beware! I am so angry and devastated at the same time. I don’t even know if I can calm down enough to write down my story. Men are sc*m I swear. I advise every woman to check some whatsapp group that their husband’s belong to, not everyone of them is for business…some are groups where men do all kind of dirty things. I have been married for 4 years now. Recently, I noticed that my husband’s cousin has been coming around our estate. His wife will be calling my number most times around mid night asking if her husband is in our house. She will not call my husband but she will be calling me. So I will tell her that her husband is not in our house.

Apparently, this man tells his wife that he is in our house but he is not…that is how I discovered that he comes to our estate but lie that he is in our house….I knew in my heart that this guy was cheating on his wife. I told my husband and my hubby told me to mind my business. So I tried to ignore them cos, he is not my brother…he is only an inlaw. One night, about my husband’s cousin called my husband to come quickly, that his wife was running mad and destroying things in their house.

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My husband left in a hurry and was their house till like 2am before he returned home with his cousin’s wife. He had to bring her to our house cos she was fighting her husband and being violent. Apparently, they were fighting over her husband’s cheating lifestyle. Eventually, had to bring her to our house so that she and her husband would not k*ll each other. My husband was still calming her down cos she was still fuming. I noticed she had bruises all over her body. I tried to calm her down too…gave her our guest room to sleep that night.

Very early in the morning, this woman got up and said she was ready to go back to her house. Hubby was running late so he asked me to drop her off which I agreed. As I was giving her a ride, I thought it was best to advice her as woman to woman, that she should stop this violence as its not the best way to solve issues. As I was talking to her, she was making sarcastic gestures. She was like, so what gives me the right to advise her when my husband is no different from hers?

Before I knew it, she turned on me, alleging that my husband and hers are the same. That they even sleep with the same girls. I was shocked and told her my husband can never be like hers….she snapped and told me to leave her alone…that her major problem is not just her husband but that the family and my husband are enabling him cos the men in the family are all like that. She mentioned my husband’s other brothers and cousins all womanize and she knows all the girls they sleep with.

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As I dropped her off…I was in a state of shock. So…I had to gather myself. Later that day, I called her to tell me more. Omoh…by the time this woman was done talking about the things her husband and my husband’s family are doing, I was left dump founded. She told me if I think she is lying, I should open my eyes and check my husband’s phone. Normally, I never check my husband’s phone cos he has never given me a reason to suspect him. She told me these things since two weeks ago, I have been so afraid to confront my husband or check his phone….I was very scared of checking and really finding out that my husband was indeed everything she said he was.

Well, this evening, an opportunity came…hubby was in the bathroom last night and for some reason….my attention went straight to his phone. I discovered it had password. I tried 3 times before I was able to crack the password. It was our wedding anniversary date. I went through his chats and saw enough evidence. And the one that pained me most, the men in the family have their own whatsapp group and I noticed how they discuss their escapades in different clubs with strippers and side chicks.

Some even shared nudes that women sent to them in the group. I was too shocked….disappointed to even do anything. And these men were gossiping. Talking about each other’s escapades and s3x life with their wives. How they f*ck their wives after messing around with these low life girls outside…Very disgusting.

Since that time….I have not been myself. I am afraid that I may become violent like my husband’s cousin’s wife? Please….advise me….how am I going to confront my husband without loosing my mind…I am still shaking with rage….I dropped the phone and went into my car and started crying. I had a sudden urge to drive off and leave with my children. I also had a sudden urge to destroy my husband’s venza car….I want to vent and I don’t know what I might do…so am still in my car….writing to you….please advise me…I don’t know what I will do if I go back inside this house…

Please this is an emergency.


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  1. Dear poster,you need to calm down because you’ve been living with your husband before you heard all these bad stuffs from his cousin’s wife.

    Don’t scatter your marriage with your hands,be wise and diplomatic!

    Have a heart to heart talk with your husband and let him know you already know everything,that there won’t be any need him denying it.

    He needs to stop doing it, but I don’t know why brothers will have a WhatsApp group for something like this shit,like I don’t understand ooo,things dey sup sha, married men for that matter.

    Just handle it with wisdom and be careful of STD, it’s well.

  2. My dear, be strengthened at this time. You have God, He is faithful to you and will never fail you.

    Brace yourself, fortify your earnings such that if you have to bear the financial responsibilities of your home/ children you can.

    Run a test on yourself to check you are ok.
    Don’t let your husband have unprotected s.x with you for the next 3 months.

    Be strong. Prayerfully and gently tell him what you have found. Except for God it may be quite difficult for Him to change just because you know since He is influencing & being influenced by close ties. They can easily lure him back so please don’t be disappointed if He can’t change immediately. Take him for a test, in 3 months, take him for another test.

    Do you attend a vibrant living church where the leaders uphold and minister on holiness? If you do, together be attending the sessions they organise that address infidelity, you can book a session with your Pastor for counselling.

    Be prepared whatever the outcome. As you pray, watch to see if He changes. If you have the strength, I hope you will, engage in warfare prayers breaking the hold of strange women on the men in the family.

    Don’t compromise your safety. You need to be alive and in good health to take care of your children.

    God is close, reach out to Him for strength. May He heal your home.

  3. Dear poster No matter what you’ll do, some husbands are wired to be visual. No choice but to know this fact.

    it’s hard to hear,
    That your husband’s cheating, causing you to rage!
    It’s tough to see the one you love go astray,

    And it’s understandable that you want him to stay!

    But here’s the thing, my compassionate friend,
    You can’t force love, you can’t make it bend!
    Cheating is a choice, one that’s not fair,

    And it’s up to him to show you he cares!

    So what can you do to make him see,
    That you’re the one he wants, the one he needs to be free?
    Well, my dear, the answer is simple and true,
    Be yourself, be kind, and let your love shine through!

    Show him your love in your own unique way,
    And let him see that you’re here to stay!
    Communicate openly, listen with care,
    And let him know you’ll always be there!

    But remember, my dear, it’s not just up to you,
    He needs to make an effort too!
    If he wants to save your love and mend what’s broken,
    He needs to step up and take some action!

    So stay strong, stay loving, and don’t lose hope,
    And remember, there’s always a way to cope!
    Love can conquer all, if it’s meant to be,
    So just be yourself, and let your love set you free!

    Also don’t forget instead of trying to control your husband’s behavior, try having an open and honest conversation about your feelings and concerns (if you haven’t tried that already)

    consider prioritizing your own personal growth and happiness.

    Finally, sometimes, despite your best efforts, there may be situations where letting go of the relationship is the best course of action.

    I wish you pure and undiluted marital bliss soonest I believe in you stay blessed


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