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True Life Story: Help! My Wife Says She Doesn’t Love Me Again & No More S3x From Her….


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True Life Story: Help! My Wife Says She Doesn’t Love Me Again & No More S3x From Her….


I have been married for almost a year but my marriage has been 30% sweet and mostly 70% bitter because I have an unforgiven wife who is ONLY concerned about what I said and did wrong but NEVER concern about what I did right.

She gets offended easily, keeps malice and gives me silent treatment at home. I’ve had private conversation with her MORE THAN 10 TIMES on how to find a lasting solution to wherever issues she has with me instead of her constant fault finding and malice. Despite my effort, all seems like a waste coz there is no positive change at all.

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I asked her to tell me one or more reason why she said that but her response was NOTHING. She’s practically creating space between us. She does her thing alone and does not carry me along in any thing and she wants same from me.

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She is doing everything to make the marriage stop while I have been the one sustaining and making the marriage work out. Her parents are not helping matters coz they are not giving me listening ears and have a way of supporting their daughter by twisting whatever I say to suite them.

B4 we got married, we had quarrel and misunderstandings as other couples do and said abusive words to ourselves which we settled b4 our wedding day and I assume we have forgiven and forgotten about it. But with the look of things, my wife is tied to the past and will keep remembering what I said and did wrong in the past and she allows the past deed affect our present.

Sadly, her unforgiving attitude and never ending resentment is badly affecting our marriage presently. I have tried everything possible within my capacity to rekindle back her love for me & for the sake of our marriage and 3 months baby boy. I suggested that we go out to a cool place just the two of us alone but her response is NO. She even said I can go out and have s3x with anyone that she doesn’t want S3X for now.

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NOTE: I am the one paying all the bills at home coz she’s presently jobless. Yet, I am not complaining. She is not stressed up as some may think coz there are helpers at home taking care of her and the baby. Please! What can I do to put a stop to this s.h.i.t. It’s affecting my emotion and psychology.


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  1. You have been married for almost a year now and how come you have a 3months old baby?

    Something is not right here,I think you impregnated your wife during courtship and she didn’t have a choice than to marry you because of the pregnancy.

    She didn’t love you while you people were dating and you didn’t take note because she was already pregnant.
    A woman who loves you will not keep malice or have an unforgiven spirit towards you.

    She is tired,she doesn’t longer want sex, probably she is seeing someone better than you. I’m not gonna advice you leave your marriage,her parents are even making matters worse ,while not talk to your pastor or anyone she listens too.

    If there is anything you know you are doing that she doesn’t like please stop and don’t cheat,keep making effort to make it work,and then if it doesn’t work maybe after 6months or 1year,nna take a break abeg.

    Your happiness is key! Let peace be restored to your marriage,amen. Any power that wants to scatter that marriage is already consumed by fire, amen

  2. I don’t believe the story is complete. When did all these start? It’s obvious there is some hurt your wife may be feeling hence her reaction but we can’t completely say until we hear from her. I just think there’s more to the story which maybe omitted. Let’s hear from your wife first.
    It’s so unusual for a woman to act like this during this honeymoon phase of marriage.

  3. If you allow the fact that a woman is not acting right make you unhappy, you will soon be depressed. You have put your happiness in her hands and she is using it well against you.

    You probably have simped for her, and have acted weak while dating so she sees you as a weak man, even from your write up, i sense it well.

    Do yourself a favor and tell her if she wants to leave she can leave, bro, this woman DOES NOT love you and maybe cheating and plesse stop acting like you can’t do without her, women make rules for men they can manipulate but break rules for men they can’t manipulate.

    Be the man you are. I suggest you rest the rationale male and the manipulated man, get them from pdfdrive.com.

  4. If everything you say is the truth, then your woman is suffering from postpartum depression.
    Find help and also offer as much assistance to her as you can.


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