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True Story: How My Wife & Sister In-law Befriended A Yahoo Boy Because Of Valentine


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True Story: How My Wife & Sister In-law Befriended A Yahoo Boy Because Of Valentine

Hi Lively Stones,

Please keep my identity private. I am very upset with my wife and her sister who live with us. My wife and I have been married for three years now. We have a son who is almost two years now. My wife’s younger sister came to stay with us while awaiting her youth service and also help us look after our son cos we both work on the Island.

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My wife’s sister is engaged, her husband to be, is my childhood friend, based in Europe. He was around last December for a visit and marriage introductions. They are planning to marry after her service year and she will join him in Europe.

When we moved into apartment last year, I noticed the neighbor in the other flat is a single guy who lives a flashy lifestyle. From what I suspect, he is a yahoo boy. He has three cars in the compound: Benz, Lexus and Range. I never talk to him except if we want to move our car and he is blocking us. He wears  ear rings, has tattoos and dresses in designer cloths.

Me and my wife used to gossip about him and laugh. Anyway, we dont pay attention to him. You can imagine my surprise when yesterday, my wife called me upset on the phone, that Koba’s (Koba is the yahoo guy’s name…not real name sha) girlfriend and my wife’s younger sister got into a fight and the girl has gone to bring police to arrest her.

I was really really confused because I wondered why on earth, our neighbor’s girlfriend would arrest my sister inlaw … for what? So, I rushed from the office…on my way, I kept calling my wife to tell me what had happened but her phone kept being engaged. You can imagine the anxiety I was in.

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On getting home, I was told my wife is with her sister at the station in our area. I rushed there and I saw my wife. She told me that the girl that called police for her sister claimed that she stole her Iphone 13 but its a lie because, what happened was , the girl caught her and her boyfriend f*cking and she got angry with her boyfriend who wanted to break up with her.

That is why she went to the police to claim that her Iphone was stolen by my in-law. I was now angry, like how did my sister in-law that is engaged start seeing my yahoo boy neighbor to the extent of being caught sleeping with him? Anyway, we made bail and bribed the police to release her that night.

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Getting home, of course I called for a family meeting. I was livid. I felt like flogging my sister in-law. What is she doing with that boy? Was she r*ped? She was crying and saying she was deceived by the guy. That the boy has been disturbing her and she just wanted to eat his money since he has so much. That he have her 200k just for her be his girlfriend.

When she told him that she cant date him because he has a girlfriend, he broke up with his girlfriend two days before valentine and gifted her the Iphone that he bought for his girlfriend as her valentine gift. (I found out that Koba also bought a perfume for my wife and chocolates for my sister in-law in addition to the phone).That she just went to thank him and he started making out with her and she lost her senses and allowed him to f*ck her.

Apparently, Koba’s house boy called his girlfriend to warn report her and the girl came with police and caught Koba and my sister f8cking. Of course, Koba ran away because he is a yahoo boy and he knows if he enters police net, he may never come back. That is the story o. My sister in-law wanted to catch cruise, she slept with a yahoo boy and got arrested by his girlfriend for stealing iphone.

I called the girlfriend myself and begged her to take away the case and I promised to return the phone and give her the 200k my sister in-law got from her boyfriend. Only for my wife to say the 200k is not available because she borrowed some of it from her sister to buy clothes and jewelries for herself.

Like WTF!!!…my wife said she knew about the 200k and never suspected things would turn out this way. My wife knew Koba gave gave her sister money and she took out of the money too. She kept the perfume Koba gave her. I feel so disappointed in my wife. So, if Koba wants, he too can f*ck my wife abi.

What is it with women and material things? I told my sister in-law to get ready and leave my house but my wife is saying no. That if she leaves, her sister’s fiancé would be suspicious. That I should just forgive and forget.

In my mind, I think even her fiancé needs to know what has happened because he is my childhood friend. He met her through me. I cannot let him marry someone who cheated on him with a useless boy. My wife is quarrelling with me not to tell her sister’s fiancé. That my sister will tell him after they are married cos the guy might break up with her if she tells him before the marriage.

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My wife’s attitude surprised me. So, my wife can support someone to cheat and hide it from someone they want to marry? When I asked her, she replied that men cheat all the time, that no one is a saint. I am truly worried about my wife. See the kind of behavior is she is supporting? Now, am wondering if she too cannot cheat and hide it from me. Clearly the yahoo boy’s money entered her eyes too.

Please I need your views on this matter? Is my wife right for saying the matter should be kept a secret from the sister’s fiancé? Is my wife right for taking another man’s money and not telling me? Is my wife right for collecting the perfume that the guy bought for her? I feel like asking my wife to swear she did not sleep with Koba too. Advise me.



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  1. Hello sir,I understand your grief but you still need to calm your nerves.
    Your wife engineered all these in the first place ,she knew about the affair and hid it from you.
    Now,your friend In Europe has to know about this ,it will be unfair for you to hide this from him,he might find out later,let him know,if he feels like marrying her fine but if not,that is her business,how can she sleep with the guy knowing full well she is engaged,nawaooo.
    Becareful with that your wife,how can two sisters descend so low all in the name of material things till the extent of involving the police .
    Just tell your friend and issue a stern warning to your wife and sister in-law, note your sister in-law has to leave your house oooo,please she needs to get another place,to avoid another police case. You are blessed

  2. Dear poster, I’m in no support of what your wife and sister in-law did,…you said you both are child hood friends, if u were to get married and your friend knew some dirty secrets about your wife to be but kept it from you, how would you feel? I understand NO 1 is a saint, but be a god friend and let your friend know the issues on ground, if he chooses to go on with the marriage no problem,…I will also advise to be careful with your wife, she’s greedy and deceitful, saying they should get married first then her sis can tell him SMH,…….from another angle : Will your wife allow her brother to get married to a woman like her sister after finding out some secrets about her……….try to manage the situation on ground and don’t let your wife manipulate you…peace bro…

  3. No one, your child hood must know all that transpired. And I mean everything ohhh, if possible,attach evidence just in case he doubts you. Secondly, you need to send both your wife and her sister back to their parents. Let your wife get some scolding from her parents. The shame and embarrassment should bring her back to her senses. If it doesn’t,just know she belongs to the streets and you have a long road ahead of you. I hope she too has never cheated with this same boy ooh. I hope that child is yours too. I don’t understand why there’s always a fuss about material things from women. See the mention of iphone has led to such a disgrace. What if it was a car? That your wife, I don’t know ooh, but her behavior in all this is definitely something to give you cause to worry. All the best

  4. Guy, I believe your wife belongs to the streets, you just have to manage her like that. She’s not a contented person and so wouldn’t rebuke her sis. It’s possible she slept with the guy and can sleep with anybody for material gain or money cos according to her, men cheat everywhere. Tell your friend and let him decide what is best for him after all he might be doing same or might sha same belief they share but do your part.

  5. If I were you , I won’t bother myself with the girl or my childhood friend,. He’s definitely doing such in Europe too. I will gladly chase her out first regardless of what my wife says ,since I’m the man of the house , then later talk senses to my wife and warn her a ND if she continues to defend the act ,then I think she needs an holiday with her parents to reset her head .

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