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True Story: I Am In Love With A Customer But He Friend-Zoned Me


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True Story: I Am In Love With A Customer But He Friend-Zoned Me

Hello Lively Stones,

Please hide my identity. My name is Rachael (not real name). I work as a restaurant supervisor in one of the big fast food restaurants in Lagos. About three months ago, a customer demanded to see the supervisor because he was unhappy about the service that he received from one of our service girls. I was called in to calm him down because he was really upset.

One thing I noticed about him was that he was very handsome. I made sure he got a replacement for what he ordered for and promised him that the mistake will not happen again. He smiled and said because of me, he will keep coming because he has initially decided to stop coming to our restaurant.

I gave him my number to call in case there was any issue in future. It was after then that I started noticing that this guy comes to the restaurant almost 3 times a week. I was fascinated by his good looks. And anytime he came, he would ask of me. We gradually became friendly. I used to joke that he eats too much in the restaurant, that he should try and invest in some home cooking. That was when he told me that he a bachelor and does not like cooking.

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His name is John (not real name). John and I chatted anytime he was around. I started noticing I was developing feelings for him. We would chat on WhatsApp …. he is very funny and easy to talk to. He never asked me if I was in a relationship so I think he has friend zoned me. I like him a lot and I really want to tell him I do. I thought he would pick up that I like him from my behavior but he has never made any move that suggests that he may be interested in a romantic relationship with me.

Last week, he put up a girl’s picture as his status on whatsapp. He has never put up a status message before. I was so filled with jealousy, I had to ask him who the girl is…he said…she is just a friend. I was like, you like her, he was like…yes…as a friend. So, I asked him, what am to you that you have not put my picture on your status…he laughed and said…you are my buddy na….

Seriously….why cant he see that I am burning for him? Should I go to his house one day and try to kiss him like we see in movies? I am just afraid that he may not feel the same way about me…I really like him alot. I do not want to be just a friend or buddy to him. If I cannot express my feelings for him, I am not sure I can bear to see him with another girl…its driving me crazy.

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I have been stalking that girl that he put on his status. Just to make sure that there is nothing going on with both of them. Will it be such a bad idea if I tell him how I feel…just the thought of telling him and he laughing and saying we are just friend scares me. I will be so ashamed and disappointed that I may never be able to have any friendship with him anymore.

Every day, I dream about him kissing me and that sends sensations all over me. I cannot even stand near him without sweating in my palms. I have never felt this way about a guy before. John is such a dashing young man, you need to see how girls ogle around him with hungry eyes…maybe that is why he has not even noticed me. Maybe he is too fine to notice me… maybe I am not his spec…I need your help and advice on what to do.


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  1. Slow down biko,haba. Don’t be a desperado. You just met him and next you are all over him like this.
    If dem use you, dump you now,you go begin complain. Should I tell you the truth, you are not his spec,he has big and classical girls who loves him like kilode.
    You didn’t state your age, I would have said na small pikin dey worry you.
    Nne ,you are beautiful,work on yourself,face your job,you are there to supervise and not look for handsome men that comes to your restaurant, don’t look so accessible and desperate. Leave that innocent girl you are stalking alone,if not you will be in trouble,what if the guy gets to know? This guy has not even noticed you and yet you are in lust not in love with him.

    Nne zukwanike biko

  2. My lady, please calm your feelings down ok…those molecules are just deceiving you to enter into something and letar they will be causing you sleepless night.

    Focus on ur supervision duty, the guy never show any move or advance towards you. Please relax and erase that feelings from ur mind .

    Thanks ❤

  3. Face your work and leave that guy alone! I don’t think he sees you in that light. Don’t stress over nothing and stop stalking that girl. Infact limit your communication/ block his number on your phone if you can’t deal with just being friend’s.
    He is even a gentleman, some other guy will use you and dump you.
    Please let him go by focusing your energy on yourself and your work. When he comes to your eatery, let another person attend to him.

  4. Dear poster, please slow down a little, don’t think with your heart, instead think with your head, I understand you have feelings for him which he hasn’t noticed yet, it’s not bad if you tell him how you feel but slow down and think, when you are fully convinced about your feelings, then you can make whatever decision that pleases you…

  5. Try to go to his house and kiss him..no don’t do that. You can tell him but be mature about it, don’t show you are desperate.

    But why are the comments from ladies so against you telling him except JJ that said you should be sure of the feelings. Don’t mind them, just take it slowly, he may like you but he too maybe taking it slowly, doesn’t want to rush.

    Build friendship and let it flow naturally, you get.


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