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True Story: Please Advise Me-My Mother In-law Threatened To Destroy Me-Pt 2


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True Story: Please Advise Me-My Mother In-law Threatened To Destroy Me-Pt 2


After two hours, it was confirmed, I was pregnant…. Mama was dancing…. she called my husband…. called everyone…she announced my pregnancy on thier family group chat. She didn’t even give me enough time to process how I was feeling….

Hubby called me and was crying happily on the phone…he was confused…asking me how? I just said said…I don’t know…its God. Hubby came back early…rushed and picked me up…he was so happy…he was touching my belly…saying how?

Mama was busy dancing and rolling on the floor. She kept saying I must be sent abroad to have this baby. Hubby said yes immediately. That night, I just couldn’t sleep…I kept crying and crying in the toilet…hubby came and asked me what happened…I couldn’t hold it anymore…I just blurted out everything that happened up until how I got pregnant.

I told him how his mother got someone to rape me and how she arranged everything. My husband was mad. He was like…why didn’t I tell him…he wanted to rush out to meet his mother…I got in front of him begging him not to confront her because she said she would kill me if I told him.

My husband could not believe what he was hearing….all he kept saying was: you mean the child my wife is carrying is not mine? You mean my mother and my wife conspired to deceive me? He didn’t even listen to the part where I kept saying I was raped and manipulated by his mother.

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Another shocking thing was my husband said that he knows his mother is extreme but that he cannot believe my story because if I was truly raped, then, I should have told him….he said he does not believe I was raped…that I must have always had the mind to sleep with another man just to get pregnant if not, I would have told him the day that incident happened so we could have prevented a pregnancy.

That me waiting for weeks and getting pregnant showed that I wanted to get pregnant by any means possible. I tried to explain that I was scared and confused but he didn’t listen to me.

The night was a horrible night. My husband started packing his things. He said he needs some time away from everyone and everything. I tried to talk to him not to leave but he packed a bag and left as early as 4.30am. Since that day, I do not know where he is, he has not called me.

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Mama is asking me where is her son, I told her he travelled but she has been pressing me if I told him anything…I said no…I became afraid of being alone with mama so I left the house two days later and went to see my step mother. I told her everything that happened…she blamed me seriously for not telling her earlier about what Mama was planning.

Now, my step mom is saying if I don’t hear from my husband, that I should terminate the pregnancy and leave the family before they destroy me. I texted hubby because he has still not called me. I told him I was leaving the marriage and was going to terminate the pregnancy. He didn’t respond.

It was Mama who called me the next day, saying her son told her why he left. She said she wants us to settle. That the son is upset but does not want me to terminate the pregnancy but that he needs time to himself for now. I told her if I do not hear from her son, I will not keep the pregnancy.

My husband now called and said, he is coming back in a few weeks, that I should not do anything. That all is fine. Before I could ask him anything, he cut off the line.

Now, I am really afraid…this mama’s influence over her son is more than I imagined. How did she manage to convince him to accept the child? Because hubby never called until his Mama must have spoken to him…Or is this a trick to get me to come back so they can kill me? My stepmother is also worries because these people have so much money and they can do anything to someone like me that has no money or no one to speak for her.

I need your advice…should I go to the police? Should I trust my husband and go back? Or should I just disappear…. where will I even run to? Or maybe they truly want to settle and either accept the baby as my husband’s or go for termination of the pregnancy? please advise me.



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  1. Don’t go back, trust me that woman maybe dangerous than you think. Involve a lawyer.

    Do not do abortion, i know you were raped, that woman should be jailed and that stupid rapist too. Pls report her to the police, play along with her and get evidence and have a good lawyer and report her.

  2. I don’t know why I feel upset reading this,I’m not judging you dear but a girl like you who suffered to get to this point should be really smart, why would you follow your MIL to the said hotel, as questions were running through your mind,that would have been the best time to leave, you should always trust your intuition…well the deed has be done, if there’s a way to get proof , please get it and make sure your MIL is arrested alongside the rapist….sorry to say this, your husband is a mama’s boy….don’t let anyone manipulate you, if you can deal with the trauma of being raped you can keep the baby, try not to carryout your anger on the child later on, it is well dear, peace and light……

  3. Wow…
    My dear, never trust her and don’t go back just like that poor girl she met some time ago. Involve the police, narrate your story to the police, go to the hotel and check if u can get a cctv footage of the guy and mama…
    Get a solid lawyer and a police who cannot be bribed… then u go and listen to them. Keep recorder around you when u are with mama.

    Do not abort the baby ok…

    God got ur back, ✨

    good luck

  4. Please locate any FIDA office( International Federation of Women Lawyers) nearest to you and report the matter ASAP. They will help you get justice at little or no cost.

  5. Please remain with your grandma till further notice,that woman is capable of doing something dangerous haba! Can she allow her daughter go through this bikonu? You have to get rid of the pregnancy,no one should blame her biko. Get rid of it and wait for the next line of action. If they want you back,there has to be a concrete agreement,that will be signed and sealed. This life sha,huh. Some mother in-laws sha


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