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True Story: Please Advise Me-My Mother In-law Threatened To Destroy Me


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True Story: Please Advise Me-My Mother In-law Threatened To Destroy Me


Hi Lively Stones,

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My case is very long but I will try and make it short. My name is Chichi (not real name). I grew up with my step mother because my parents died when I was 7 and 11. My step mother tried her best but she had other children when she remarried so it was not easy for me. I was always the child from her late husband’s wife. She is a nice woman but I could not complete my school because she could not afford it.

My step mom paid for me to learn tailoring. When I finished, I started tailoring and that is how I met Mama James. This woman is very wealthy, all her children are abroad and doing well. Over the years, mam James became one of my most valuable customers. She liked me a lot and she used to tell me that she knows whoever marries me will enjoy me, that I am a very good and hardworking girl.

Then one day. Mama James called me to see her. I went to her place thinking she wanted me to make some new clothes for her. When I got there, she introduced me to her son, her first son. After, I noticed she left the room, leaving me and her son alone. The man started talking to me, asking me questions. Clearly she set us up to meet.

The son told me he was in the military but he resigned due to injury. Now, he runs his business. He is 40 years old and his mother is pressuring him to marry. We both laughed and I told him I am just 23 and I want to further my education before marriage. Later, when I left, the mom phoned me to say the son likes me and would like to marry me.

When I told her I want to finish my education first, she said no problem, that the son would sponsor me. That is how I got married. I started my part time degree in Unilag too. After like a year, the mother started pressuring me to get pregnant…that the son is not getting any younger. Truth be told, I was hoping I would be pregnant by now but it has not happened.

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After one year, my mother inlaw pushed us to go and run tests. The tests showed my husband has low sperm count but my husband asked me not to tell his mother. We started his treatment for the low sperm count but nothing happened and my mother inlaw was really getting on my nerves…saying what am I waiting for. I had to tell her that I am not the one with the problem but her son but that her son does not want her to know.

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That made her relax and she started saying nothing prayer cannot do. She would hire prayer prophets and go for vigils praying for her son. Two years passed, still nothing. At this time, my husband said lets try IVF but even with that, his sperm was not viable. I too became afraid that I was never going to have a child if my husband cannot impregnant me.

That made me really sad and I was crying one day when my husband told me that if I feel sad, we can either adopt or I can file for divorce so he will not hold me back from being a mother. That hurt me so bad,, I told his mother, she said I should not worry, that she has a plan. She told me she has been thinking about this plan for a long time.

Guess what the plan was: she wanted me to sleep with a man to get pregnant for my husband. She said my husband will not be aware…that we will make him believe I got pregnant by a miracle. Sincerely, I was shocked at my mother in-law…the extent she was willing to go…just to have a grandchild. I told her no but she said I should think about it. She made me swear not to tell my husband, her son.

Two weeks later, my mother in-law moved in with us. She said she wanted to rest because her doctor told her that her BP was too high. Naturally, I was happy to take care of her since she was sick but that woman was about to trick us.  And then, one morning, after my husband left for work, as I was dressing up, my mother in-law came inside my room and asked me to follow her to see a friend, that she does not want to go alone.

I said ok. We got dressed and we went to a hotel. She said, the friend came from America for her father’s burial and was staying in the hotel. When we got to the hotel, the way the hotel people greeted her, made me realize they knew her very well. They gave her a key and we went up to a room in the top floor of the hotel.

My head was full of questions, like why is she getting a key to see her friend in a hotel. Soon as we got inside the room, she asked me to sit down and wait. There was no one in the room. Like 5 mins later, someone knocked and I opened the door, a man came inside and she was happy to see him.

Next, this mother in-law went on her knees, started to cry, begging me to wipe the shame from her eyes. That since her first son cannot give her a child, she is begging me to help her get a grandchild. That she will give me anything I want if I sleep with this man. I was like no ma, I cannot do it. I started telling her that I wanted to leave immediately.

This woman became angry and said I was being selfish and ungrateful. That she brought me to marry her son when I had nothing. That she thought helping me out, that I should be grateful to her at least…I told her I cant do it because it would be cheating to my husband and she says its not cheating, its like surrogacy. That my husband does not need to know at all because as a man, that will make him feel bad that he could not get his own wife pregnant.

As she was crying and begging, I told her ok…but it will be when I am ovulating that I can sleep with the man because it will be a waste if I sleep with him and do not get pregnant. She insisted that the man must sleep with me that day. I was hesitant because she realized I wanted to use that excuse of ovulation to escape. Before I could say anything else, she got up, told the man over to you and she left the room.

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I started trying to escape but the man asked me to relax and don’t try to struggle. But I struggle and he knocked my head so hard that I passed out. When I regained consciousness, I realized the man was raping me. I was too tired to even shout. After he was done, Mama came back and asked me to wash up so we can go. I sat there crying. She said I should stop behaving like an ingrate and that she promises me, that if I tell her son, she would kill me.

My mouth opened in disbelief. The ride home, I wanted to die …all I could do was close my eyes. Getting home, I locked myself in the room until husband came home. Soon as he came, mama quickly went to tell him that I fainted in the afternoon…that if not that she was around, only God knows what could have happened …my husband was just asking me if I was ok…I could only nod. He asked if I wanted to go to the hospital, I said no.

I had nightmares that night. The next day, husband left for work. Mama came to check on me and apologized for being so mean to me. She explained that she just needed me to cooperate and said she didn’t know the guy raped me. She started crying, saying I must think she is a devil but she only did it to remove shame from her family. That her son’s inability to have children is the work of her enemies.

This woman manipulated me to think she was really sorry because I forgave her. I decided to let the matter go since she already apologized. I did not tell my husband too. But I started avoiding her. Even my house maid noticed that I was avoiding Mama and she told me to be very careful because Mama is a very powerful person. That if I am having issues with her, I should try and be humble because its anything Mama says that her son, my husband will do.

So, I tried to pretend to be Mama’s friend again….Like 3 weeks later, she started pestering me asking if I have seen my period or not. I told her no but I was expecting it my period any day. I prayed to God to make sure I did not get pregnant from the horrible experience.

My period never came. I started feeling dizzy and weak in the mornings. Hubby was worried and told mama to help look after me cos he was leaving for work. The nosy woman got me a pregnancy test soon as my husband left for work. And then she made sure I took the test in her presence. The test was positive. This woman called a nurse to come to the house and take my blood sample for a blood pregnancy test. After two hours, it was confirmed, I was pregnant….





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