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True Story: Please I need help. My life is crashing


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True Story: Please I need help. My life is crashing


Hello people. Please i beg someone here who is sincere and have the fear of God and want progress for his fellow human being to recommend a place where i can receive deliverance. The last 8 years of my life has been HORRIBLE. MONEY CANNOT STAY IN MY HAND FOR 48 HOURS and it is gone. I will not exaggerate, i have lost over 30 million naira over the past 10 years and i have been in DEBT for over 8 years consistently. I have NEVER been happy for straight 1 week for the past 10 years. Once money gets to my hand, it vanishes within 48 hours. I don’t want to mention what it goes into because people are actually making millions from it so as not to discourage people. IT IS JUST ABOUT ME.
Now let me say something.

Whenever I have money with me, a mysterious cough starts and once the money is gone, the cough goes. It has been like this for the past 8 years. I cant explain it.

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Right now, it has gotten to the worst and no matter how much is with me, it goes within hours. For example, if someone send me money right now, a mysterious cough will start in less than 30 minutes that the money gets to me and immediately i will not know what i am doing again (for real). Then i deposit all the money immediately into my Forex account, then this cough will get intense, i will cough and cough without stopping and before i know what is happening, the money is gone. Then that is when i realize and come back to my senses. I am been real and this is a true life situation.

Please guys dont joke with this because my life ruined right now. I can’t boast of anything in my life right now. I have NOTHING. and the worst part of this is that i owe all loan apps money. I owe about 20 apps money as of today and all loans due and they have rubbished me already which as been going on for the past 8 years too.


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I have tried to find out what could be wrong with me and i believe there is an unfamiliar force in my life. I can’t explain somethings here but i need a powerful/powerful men/man of God to lead me through because i am ready to embark on a journey to redeem my lost glory. I have tried several time on my own but i think i am facing a lot of resistance and i give up almost immediately. Some people call it “agbana” but this type is so strong in my life and needed to be broken else i will be finished completely because right now, i am at the last days of destruction.

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To shock you guys, i have someone in my family that experienced this thing too but in a different dimension and recently another person (i dont want to give too much information).

I have come to realize or believe that its is either a generational curse (ogun idile) or something i dont understand. See guys, something is happening spiritually in my life that is manifesting physically and this has to be broken IMMEDIATELY. Some people here may think otherwise which i agree with for a long time until i begin to see a pattern and i can tell it is not ordinary.

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Right now, i have run away from home and i have promised myself never to return until this chain is broken.

I will be reading advices and recommendations here and i pray God guide me to pick the best because i know someone will recommend something that will change the narrative.


I think i need to add this. On 3 occasions, i got a very juicy high paying job with big companies in Nigeria. One is one of the top 5 big companies in Nigeria and have spread across some African countries while another is one of the top 5 companies in the world (It is a big company). But guess what? My offers on the 3 different occasions were withdrawn few days to resumption without any explanation. Is it a coincidence?




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  1. I hardly comment but am touched with your story. Search *safe hand* here on Facebook maybe God can do wonder through him with his curse breaker and breakthrough products… You also need to pray and be consistent with God all things are possible

  2. Join prophetic prayers hours#PPH.
    Is daily platform for prayers where God is doing wonders.just search for Rev Sam Oye and start following him immediately he’s the owner of the platform.
    You must surely testify.

  3. Go to winners and Mfm. You can try winners, the power of GOD is mighty in winners, i mean the headquarters at Ota in Lagos. You will hear all manner of testimonies that will energize your faith. Get Bishop Oyedepo’s sermons,specifically on generational curses, you can buy his books like Satan get lost and some other relevant ones, read and listen to them. Pls don’t give up, believe in GOD.

  4. Huh,this is so pathetic.. You need serious deliverance my brother. God will help you.

    This is not right at all,you have to attend a very good prophetic and deliverance ministry.


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