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True Story: The Woman I Want To Marry This Year Is Already Pregnant And My Mom Discovered It!


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True Story: The Woman I Want To Marry This Year Is Already Pregnant And My Mom Discovered It!



Good afternoon Lively Stones,

Your advise needed here though post not directly to us, but our readers can learn from this true life story.

I’m deeply hurt and I need your pieces of advise.
I’m a military officer on peace-keeping mission so I have been away from the country for some months now.

There is this lady I’m in a relationship with since December 2019 and she is an ACTIVE MEMBER of this group which she gives advice to people who try to bring their problems here for advice. i must confess I met her on one of our escort duties with my junior rank officers in a town in the volta region(I’m also a voltarian) so we started from there.


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Before I left the country some months ago, we plan to settle down this year wen I return so i allow her to take monies from my bank account to start buying the necessary things for herself for the engagement and wedding.
Last week, I asked her to withdraw some money and buy a new TV for my mum becos she complained that her tv is spoilt. My GF sent the tv to her and then my old lady noticed my GF is pregnant.so she sat her down and asked her and she cried and accepted that indeed she is pregnant.so after she left my mum’s place she called me via WhatsApp and informed me.

In fact, I got broke down and even as I’m writing I’m still down. she got pregnant for three months now and she never informed me until my mum noticed it meanwhile she stays at my residence too.
Now she says she can a.b.o.r.t it so that the wedding goes on becos we are almost getting ready but I’m confused she actually got pregnant for someone she doesn’t want to disclose to me.


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Pls I want to inform her mum and dad and possibly cancel the whole preparation even before I return to the country but she says she can just abort the pregnancy and then we go ahead and settle down.
Kindly advice me. Pls I posted as anonymous becos I’m an officer and I have colleagues here so I can’t disclose my identity per our rules and pardon me for any grammatical errors cos I’m really hurt.

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  1. Hmmmmm…Oga cancel the preparation, period!.Ask yourself if you are to be away again, will she stay faithful? The fact she’s even considering abortion of 3months speaks a lot about her. Na wa o

  2. Cancel the wedding,she doesn’t have to abort it because the pregnancy is already three months,this could lead to death oooo. Call of the whole thing and move on,she is not your wife. You are blessed

  3. Please run for your life. DONOT marry her. As an officer, you should know that you are always on the move. You cannot afford to marry a woman that can’t keep her legs closed when you are away. When you marry her, she would continue with her philandering ways.

    Your mind needs to be at rest whenever you are away from home trusting that the woman you left at home is holding the fort,and not whoring around.

  4. You can call off the wedding because if you are out of town what is the guarantee she will stay faithful after the wedding, just save yourself the relationship drama,….it wasn’t in her mind to open up if not your mum noticed it………….I want you to also understand this, she’s a lady and has blonde flowing through her, maybe she craved you but you were unavailable, I know you must be really busy because of work, if there is a way to balance it, try to make out time for your next woman cos calling/texting isn’t enough…peace bro…

  5. If there’s anybody going through similar experience, I will advice you abort the relationship else you should be prepared to cater for other men’s children. Good luck


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