HomeWeddingsUkrainian couple hold wedding in times of war (video)

Ukrainian couple hold wedding in times of war (video)


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Ukrainian couple hold wedding in times of war(video)



In her white wedding dress with a bouquet of flowers, bride Iryna was a little nervous but felt comfort being surrounded by family and friends at their traditional Christian wedding ceremony.

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The groom, Bohdan said he was optimistic even though it is such a difficult time.

“We didn’t cancel our wedding because we hope for a better future for us, to rebuild our country and to live in a happy country with everyone. So we feel very hopeful now,” he said.

The couple had hoped to travel abroad to Rome or another city for their honeymoon, but those plans had to be postponed because of the war.

Instead, they said they plan to stay in Lviv where they intend to help other Ukrainians as much as they can.


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