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YNW Melly Blows Kiss During Murder Trial, Victim’s Mother Reacts(video)


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YNW Melly blew a kiss in court, prompting the alleged victim’s mother to speak out. During the third day of Melly’s double murder trial, the Florida rapper could be seen closing his eyes and clasping his hands in prayer.

YNW then utters something before opening his eyes and seemingly blowing a kiss toward people in the seating gallery. Leondra Phillips, mother of Christopher Phillips, one of the victims, described his actions as “disrespectful.” Phillips spoke with NBC Miami about the rapper’s kiss and detailed that it wasn’t the first time he performed that action during the trial.

“He did it a couple times — that wasn’t his first time,” Leondra told the outlet. “I walked out because I don’t — what you praying for? You sitting there like you ain’t got no remorse. Like every time I walk in, you smiling. This ain’t the time for that. This is sad, this case is serious.”

Chris’ aunt, Ashley Phillips, also spoke to the outlet about her nephew’s friendship with Melly, né Jamell Maurice Demons. She insisted that they “trusted” Demons, having watched him grow up in Florida around their family.

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“This is somebody that we knew. It’s somebody that we loved. It’s somebody that we trusted. Like we watched [Demons] grow up,” Ashley expressed. “So, this is a sad case. This is tragic, so we just praying for justice.”

Christopher Phillips, also known as YNW Juvi, and Anthony Williams, known as YNW Sackchaser, were shot and killed in an SUV in October 2018. The Miami Herald reports Demons and alleged confidant Cortlen Henry, also known as YNW Bortlen, killed the pair in a “drive-by cover-up” after a night at the studio on Oct. 26, 2018.

Wednesday (June 14) saw testimonies regarding ballistics. According to Local 10, Jorge Bello, a Broward Sheriff’s Office firearms expert, asserted that a .40 caliber gun was used in the killing.

However, since Florida detectives couldn’t locate the gun, Bello couldn’t accurately determine the .40’s specific make and model. With no murder weapon in their possession, the prosecution team will have to “use other evidence to get a conviction.”

YNW Melly’s trial continues Thursday (June 15) morning.

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