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Ancient Christian ring recovered from shipwreck


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Ancient Christian ring recovered from shipwreck


This centuries-old ring was found from a shipwreck

Location: Caesarea, Israel

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The ‘Good Shepherd’ bears a depiction of Jesus as a shepherd

It’s thought to date back to the mid-third century

(SOUNDBITE) (English) ROBERT KOOL, HEAD OF COIN DEPARTMENT AT ISRAEL ANTIQUITIES AUTHORITY, SAYING:”So what we see depicted on the gemstone, engraved on the gemstone is an image of ‘ The Good Shepherd.’ Now, the Good Shepherd was one of the earliest Christian symbols used by the Christian community in the East.”

The ring was found near the ancient port of Caesarea

along with hundreds of coins and Roman-era figurines

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The haul came from hulls of two sunken ships

which date back six and 17 centuries

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