6 Great Signs You Need To Stop Sleeping With Him

You’re looking for a serious commitment — and he won’t put a label on the relationship. Sleeping with him isn’t going to convince...

My Wife Revealed Our Secret & Everything Is No Longer The Same In Our Marriage

Afterall,I have just been told a Christain should not use toys. I feel so upset with all my wife has caused. Yet,she is not seeing the problem. 

8 Good Reasons Why Relationships Are The Hardest For People Who Overthink

Relationships are hard for anyone. Add anxiety into the picture and someone who overthinks and it’s almost unbearable sometimes. Moments of doubt and confusion....

My Boyfriend’s Daughter Is Sabotaging Our Relationship-Feedback

And also, to at least get to know each other in a more better way. And some other persons thinks it's because of my hatred for my man daughter that was why I beat her up,but that's not the case either.

The Honest Truth Love Is Not Supposed To Be Hard

The Honest Truth Love Is Not Supposed To Be Hard It has taken me a long time to understand this, but love is not supposed...

Men Code 101: 6 Important Things Guys Only Say If They Truly Mean It

Guys have a reputation of being these isolated, cold creatures who shun compassion and lack sensitivity, yet I don’t know why. That’s a lie;...

My Auntie Is Making Me Doubt About Our Marriage Plans-Please Advise

Infact,she said we cannot marry or have that baby under her roof. And like I said,we are not financially ready. I called my mother to beg my Auntie but she insisted.

Happy New Month Lively Stones Family: July Is About Freshness & Growth!

We hope everything about you and around you remains fresh and may you experience positive growth in your relationships and marriage this month.

5 Powerful Ways To Heal From Divorce

5 Powerful Ways To Heal From Divorce It’s not the loss of property that makes the trauma of divorce hurt so badly. It’s often the...

The Kind Of Love You Truly Deserve

The Kind Of Love you truly deserve I hope they are the kind of love who always meets you with a kiss. Always. They kiss you...

Untold 7 Things About Dating Someone You Can’t Trust

1. You’re going to develop commitment issues. If you can’t trust your partner to stay loyal, then you are going to have trouble committing yourself....

7 Interesting Things Women Care About During S*x

Whether or not you’re reciprocating the amount of effort she’s been putting in. She wants to orgasm, too. She doesn’t want to be...

Should Christians Talk About S*x? Is It Ok To Talk About S*x.

If you have s*x before marriage, you are presenting a ruined self to your partner, which makes you damaged goods. The truth is you are not damaged goods.

Award Winning Dance Super Star Kaffy Kicks Off 40th Birthday With Dance Praise Night

Award-winning dancer,  Kafayat Shafau-Ameh better known as Kaffy, turns 40 years old today June 30. The dance super star kicked of her birthday celebrations with a dance praise night on her Instagram;

Actress Regina Daniels Welcomes Baby Boy With Billionaire Husband

Regina Daniel’s elder brother shared the news on his Instagram page – Congratulatory messages have started pouring in for the actress and her family.

My Boyfriend’s Daughter Is Sabotaging Our Relationship-Please Advise

Something happened that really turned me off with this family and the man I'm dating,the girl in question is as naughty as anything that word can express,she naughty,rude,untamed, uncut, disrespectful, unmanned and at the same time I think she might be possessed.

You Deserve Someone Who Is Truly Excited To Love You

It seems that in the course of modern dating, romance movies, dating apps, and failed connections, we decided that we were asking too much...

If They Truly Wanted To Be In Your Life, They Would Be

It sounds harsh, I know. Yet the sooner you realize this, the better. I know that it can be easy to justify why they aren’t...

‘How We Met On Facebook & Had Twin Boys’-Ghanaian Man Gushes Over Bride

The young man did not just find a partner on social media. He found the love of his life. In his recent post, the proud father indicated that he struck a relationship

“I Tease Anita Joseph To Act Her Romantic Roles At Home”– Husband, MC Fish

Anita Joseph who’s known by movie lovers for her sensual and provocative dressing amid romantic roles she plays, is not snubbing that disposition of hers

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