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10 Reasons Money Is Very Important In Courtship


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10 Reasons Money Is Very Important In Courtship


This post was triggered by a friend of mine who is passing through hell in his 3 year old marriage. His wife made him believe that money isn’t everything and he ignorantly got married to her in his indigent state. She stopped respecting him a long time ago. As I’m typing this, she has left him with their 1 year old daughter in Lagos and relocated back to Uyo.

So let’s talk about money in courtship, Because you will need plenty of it in marriage.

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Those who are of the opinion that all that matters in marriage is love not money are not serious! In fact I’d like to term them as jokers. Why? Because love won’t pay your bills and put food on the table.

Women naturally respect financially buyouant men. Or in simpler terms, men who have money.

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So don’t let any woman manipulate you into marriage when you are not financially ready simply because age is fighting against her, because if you succumb to her pressure and get married to her, you are in for a Shocker

Women can sweet tongue you into doing what you don’t want to do and blame you for being stupid to listen to her in the first place.

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Before any lady corner you and tie you down in forced matrimony, ask the following questions…

1. How much do you both earn monthly? How much will you require to run your marriage monthly? Take inflation into consideration, and calculate how much you will spend on rent, feeding, utility bills, transportation, medicals among others.

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2. Who pays the running bills monthly? The husband, the wife or both of you? At what percentage? 50/50, 60/40, 70/30? Discuss it with your Partner.

3. How long will you both work as salary earners? Any plan to invest in other businesses? What does it take? How much of your fiance will it take? What type of sacrifice will it require?

4. Will you engage in monthly savings? If yes, how much percentage of your salaries would go into savings?

5. Will you be operating a Joint or Separate accounts? Discuss this with your partner.

6. If you are running a business; How much does it generate monthly? Would she join you in running it when you get married? If yes how best can you two grow your monthly income?

7. What are your yearly Financial goals? How do you both plan to achieve them?

8. Do you believe in paying tithe, first fruits, offerings and sowing special seeds? You need to discuss this with your partner, so you can both plan ahead whenever the need for such financial commitment arises.

9. What percentage of your income will be going to your parents or siblings monthly? Discuss this with your partner. It’s very important.

10. When CHILDREN start coming, how MUCH will you need to take good care of them monthly? Would you want them to attend public school or private school, are there affordable Private schools in your neighborhood where you can enroll them, what percentage of your earnings or savings would they require monthly to see them through nursery and primary school. Would government secondary school be better for them or private? Would public universities be better or private or abroad? These are things you must iron out with your partner before getting married.

Plan your FINANCES before getting married.

Set up your self for Financial growth not Financial failure in marriage.

Most broken marriages occur due to lack of finances or poor financial planning from one or both couples.


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