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Cash app Founder Was Having An Affair With Married Sister Of His Alleged Killer


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Cash app founder, Bob Lee, who was stabbed to death last month, was having an affair with the sister of his alleged Killer, Nina Momemi, according to new reports from the Wall Street journal.

Friends of Lee, who spoke to the Journal, alleged that Lee and Khazar Momemi, the wife of a well known San Francisco based plastic surgeon, were both members of an underground party circle known as “The Lifestyle,” and were casually sleeping together.

Court documents, show that Nima, a 38-year old tech consultant, who had known Lee for a decade, confronted Lee about his sister prior to the fateful stabbing.

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Lee and Khazar were reportedly drinking with a group of friends at a house party in San Francisco, when Nima showed up to pick Khazar up. According to Court documents, Nima then proceeded to ask Lee “If Khazar was doing drugs or (anything) inappropriate”. Then an argument broke out between Nima and the Cash app founder.

According to Witnesses at the Scene, during the bitter argument; Lee told Nima “that his sister wasn’t doing drugs,” “and nothing inappropriate has happened.”

Then, later that evening, Nima and Lee both arrived separately at Khazar’s apartment, before leaving together in Nima’s white BMW Z4.

Prosecutors say; that Nima then drove Lee to a “dark and secluded” San Francisco street corner and stabbed him to death in a “planned and deliberate attack.”

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Cash app Founder Was Having An Affair With Married Sister Of His Alleged Killer

During a later Autopsy on Lee, toxicologists found the presence of drugs in his system, including “ketamine” and “cocaine”

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Nima was arrested by police on 13 April, on murder charges for the fatal stabbing of Lee. He is currently being held without the possibility of bail, until his arraignment. Nima plans to plead “non guilty” to the charges, according to his attorneys.

Well, l don’t know about you, but l really felt like l was watching an interesting movie plot, when l was reading this story.

So peeps, what’s your take on this interesting gist?


By: Chyko.

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