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“I Caught My Dad And Wife Having an Affair When I Checked Our Baby Monitor – Now They’re Expecting Twins”: 22 year Old Man Cries Out


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A 22 year-old funeral worker says he split from his wife after catching her having an affair with his father – and the lovers are now expecting twins.

Declan Fuller, 22, from Rhondda in South Wales, claims he saw his ex-wife, Stephanie, also 22, going into a bedroom with his 44-year-old father, Darren, when he watched their baby monitor.

When he asked Stephanie what had happened, she answered; “We were watching The Simpsons on TV.”

Darren and Stephanie – who is now pregnant – are living together around six miles away, near Pontypridd.

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But Stephanie insists she was never unfaithful to her ex, telling The Sun: “l did not cheat on Declan. We got together a week or so after he left me.”

Declan said: “lt’s like a plot from EastEnders. It’s not normal. I feel betrayed, but I’m better off without the two of them”

Declan became suspicious after Darren, who is divorced, moved in with him, Stephanie and their two-year-old daughter Willow, last September.

Two months after Darren began living with them, Declan used his phone while at work to check a baby video monitor he had trained on his father’s bedroom door and saw Darren and Stephanie going in together.

Refusing to believe Stephanie’s explanation that she had been watching TV with his dad, he dumped her.

Stephanie’s babies will be Declan’s half-siblings – and Willow will be their half-sister and their niece.

Darren – who refused to comment – will be both Willow’s grandfather and stepfather if he marries Stephanie.

Stephanie (pictured right) insists she was never unfaithful to Declan, claiming that she began a relationship with Darren, only after Declan left her.

And Stephanie’s Facebook relationship status says she is now in a relationship with her ex-husband’s father, Darren.



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