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“I’m No Longer In Love With My Husband That Brought Me To The UK” Woman Cries Out


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A Nigerian woman ( no names given) has shared a video on YouTube, explaining that she is no longer in Love with the husband, that brought her to the UK

In the video, she said;

“I want to sit down and say this one, I’m no longer in Love with my husband(x2). We met while we were both in Nigeria. He suggested that l go for Nursing school in Nigeria. I did like he suggested. Though, he was not the only one that paid for my Nursing school, but he contributed a lot. Then he travelled to the UK. And while in the UK, he processed my documents, so l do come over to the UK and study Nursing. I then joined him in the UK and did a one year course in Nursing. And after that, l started working. And it was after l started working, that l discovered that l no longer love my husband. I’m not faking it. I just don’t love him any more. He noticed it too, that I’ve been cold towards him. I even told him that l no longer love him. I’m confused. I don’t know what to do.”

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