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Korra Obidi Denies Cheating On Her Ex-Husband While Pregnant


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Dancer, Korra Obidi, has reacted to cheating allegations levelled against her by her ex-husband, Justin Dean.


In a trending video, Jean alleged that Korra cheated on him with her friend’s husband while she was 5 months pregnant and went on to show purported Whatsapp messages between Korra and the said man.

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Reacting to the allegation, Korra in a live session she had this afternoon, denied the allegation, saying it is a defamation of her character. She stated that all the texts Dean shared were doctored. The mum of two added that she was virtuous till the end of their marriage.


‘’For the sake of my precious child who will grow up to see this disgusting mess going on on the internet, I am going to say this one time. I never did anything you are seeing on the internet. It’s defamation. All the text messages are doctored. They are doctored and fake. I never did anything and will never do a thing like that. It is defamation’

Watch the video she shared below…

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