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Lauren Boebert’s fondling incident may have violated Colorado’s public indecency law, but an attorney said she probably won’t be charged


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Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert’s caught-on-camera fondling incident may have violated the state’s public indecency laws, but it’s pretty unlikely that she’d ever be charged, a local defense attorney says.

Boebert has faced ridicule after being kicked out of the Buell Theatre in Denver for causing a disturbance during a production of the musical “Beetlejuice.”

In a video obtained by 9News, the conservative lawmaker — who has railed against LGBTQ+ Americans and “groomers” — can be seen vaping, having her chest groped by her date, and grabbing near her date’s crotch while sitting in the audience.

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Colorado’s public indecency law states that “a lewd fondling or caress of the body of another person” isn’t allowed in a public place or where a member of the public might view it.

Denver defense attorney Matthew Martin, who lists indecent exposure as one of his specialties, told Insider that he thinks Boebert “could be prosecuted for public indecency for their lewd caress or fondling of another’s body in a public place or where that conduct was reasonably expected to be viewed by members of the public.”

But just because prosecution would be possible, doesn’t mean it’s likely.

“I doubt the police will file charges unless a member of the public observed the caressing and filed a complaint rather than base charges off of the video,” Martin added.

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Police have not announced any charges against Boebert, and a spokesperson for the District Attorney’s office told Newsweek the office does not plan to file charges.

Boebert, who filed for divorce from her husband earlier this year, publicly apologized in a Facebook post and said her behavior was “unacceptable.” She also said that she won’t be going on future dates with the man from the theatre.

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