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Man in China spends 21 hours begging on his knees for ex-lover to take him back


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A man in China has gone viral on Chinese social media for spending an entire night kneeling in the rain to beg his ex-lover to take him back.

The unidentified man spent 21 hours on his knees with a bouquet of flowers outside his ex-girlfriend’s office building in Dazhou, Sichuan province, from 1 p.m. on March 28 until 10 a.m. the next day.

As he begged for his ex to take him back, locals gathered around him to film and urge him to get up from his knees.

“Many of us tried to talk him into leaving,” said a man, surnamed Li, according to South China Morning Post. “It’s not necessary to keep on kneeling. The girlfriend is not willing to show up but you are still here, losing face.”

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Li noted that it was raining as the man kneeled on the pavement, adding that he left the next morning “probably because he could not bear the cold any longer.”

Passers-by reported the incident to police, who also tried to persuade him to leave.

“He said his girlfriend broke up with him a few days ago. He wants to seek her forgiveness and he hoped she could date him again,” an officer was quoted as saying.


When officers approached him, the man reportedly said, “Is it illegal for me to kneel down here? If it is not illegal, please leave me alone.”

The man’s desperate pleas have gone viral on Weibo, with many users condemning his “extreme” and “self-serving” behavior.

“The more you behave this way, the more she would loathe you. Have more self-esteem. You can only keep her around by improving yourself,” one user wrote.

“Is the man trying to move himself? This [behavior] is not a [show of] love, but guilt-tripping,” another said.

“The girl must protect her own safety and put something for self-defense in her bag when necessary. This man is too extreme, be careful,” one person warned.

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