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Piers Morgan Called Kim Kardashian And Emily Ratajkowsi ‘Sickening Hypocrites’


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You’d think he would have learnt his lesson after the last time, but Piers Morgan, 58, doesn’t seem to be done criticizing Emily Ratajkowski. And he has now thrown other A-listers such as Kim Kardashian and Margot Robbie into the mix too by calling them “sickening hypocrites” for attending the Met Gala on Monday, May 1st, as it honored late German designer Karl Lagerfeld, who had very controversial thoughts and opinions.

Piers Morgan Called Kim Kardashian And Emily Ratajkowsi 'Sickening Hypocrites'

Piers Morgan Slams Kim Kardashian For Attending The Met Gala

Morgan made the remarks on Piers Morgan Uncensored, as well as an op-ed for the New York Post where he made similar commentsand noted some of the controversial things Lagerfeld said when he was alive.

One of the things Morgan referenced was the time Lagerfeld blamed the 42-year-old Skims founder for the Paris robbery which saw her tied up and held at gunpoint. Back in 2016, Lagerfeld told The Telegraph that she “should expect it after flaunting her wealth on Instagram,” but Morgan said, “Yet that didn’t stop her from also joining the tribute to the man who publicly shamed her.” He added on Uncensored: “He literally victim blamed her. But she forgave him because she gets the chance to wear a nice dress in a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld and be the center of media attention which is really what she likes doing the most. Never mind the hypocrisy.”

Piers Morgan Called Kim Kardashian And Emily Ratajkowsi 'Sickening Hypocrites'

Piers Morgan Calls Margot Robbie A Hypocrite

Morgan also said the 32-year-old Barbie star, who wore a stunning black vintage Chanel dress made famous by Cindy Crawford on the red carpet, was a hypocrite for honoring a man who was so against gay marriage, when she herself advocated for gay marriage in Australia. Morgan noted: “In 2016, she went on Saturday Night Live in a T-shirt promoting same-S.e.x marriage that said ‘Say I Do, Down Under’ with a map of Australia in rainbow colors. That same year, Lagerfeld lashed out against gay marriage and gay couples adopting children. Why would she feel such an ‘honor’ celebrating a man with those views?”

Lagerfeld made his opinions on gay marriage and gay couples starting a family very clear in a Vice interview, saying: “I’m against it for a very simple reason: In the 60’s, they all said we had the right to the difference. And now, suddenly, they want a bourgeois life. For me it’s difficult to imagine – one of the papas at work and the other at home with the baby. How would that be for the baby? I don’t know. I see more lesbians married with babies than I see boys married with babies. And I also believe more in the relationship between mother and child than in that between father and child.”

Piers Morgan Called Kim Kardashian And Emily Ratajkowsi 'Sickening Hypocrites'

Piers Morgan Says EmRata ‘Appeared To Have Forgotten’ Karl Lagerfeld’s Previous Comments On Curvy Women

As for Emily Ratajkowski, Morgan slammed the 31-year-old My Body author for paying tribute to the late designer after she was so vocal about her support of the #MeToo movement, yet Lagerfeld infamously told the Paris-based magazine Numéro he was “fed up” of it.

“And then there’s my old friend Emily Ratajkowski,” Morgan said on Uncensored. “A vocal body positivity advocate, lioness of the #MeToo movement, appeared to have forgotten that Lagerfeld once described curvy women as fat mummies, and said models should expect to be groped. This is the same ridiculous hypocrisy that leads to fugitive pedophile Roman Polanski bagging an Oscar and a standing ovation after his conviction.”

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He continued his attack on EmRata in his New York Post piece, saying: “Emily Ratajkowski has been very vocal about the #MeToo movement, predatory men, and the need to listen to women victims. So why was she prancing down the red carpet in a Lagerfeld-style tribute gown when he once said about #MeToo: ‘What shocks me most in all of this are the starlets who have taken 20 years to remember what happened, not to mention the fact there are no prosecution witnesses.’ And then he scorned: ‘If you don’t want your pants pulled about, don’t become a model! Join a nunnery!'”

Morgan added: “And given her constant demands for all female body shapes to be respected, does Ms. Ratajkowski not care that he once scoffed: ‘No one wants to see curvy women. These are fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly.'”



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