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A Young Nigerian Couple’s Unusual Traditional Wedding Outfit Stirs Mixed Reactions Online


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A young Nigerian couple’s traditional wedding outfit of matching joggers is trending online, and stiring reactions among social media users.

A trending video showed that people gathered to celebrate and rejoice with the couple in what looked like an lgbo ‘Igba Nkwu’.

Mixed reactions have trailed the video after it was posted on Twitter, as opinions are divided concerning their unusual traditional wedding outfit.

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The video trending on social media shows the couple stepping out for what looks like the Igbo traditional wedding called Igba Nkwu.

It is not confirmed if the couple are Igbos, but the bride was seen looking for her husband in the wedding arena.

She also had a cup of palm wine in her hand, as is the custom during Igbo traditional weddings.

She searched around until she located her husband and handed him the cup of palm wine.

The man gulped it and then reached for his bag and removed some Naira notes, which he put in the cup as a gift for the bride.

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They stood up, went into the arena together, and stood before the elders.

Apart from their unusual dress sense, everything seen in the video was done in line with ‘Igba Nkwu’

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Checkout the reactions from Twitter users.

@parablaq said:

“I can’t even belief I was watching this traditional wedding by this couple dripping on essentials. Naija my country. Congratulation.”

@Binta3Musa commented:

“Can never be my brother or sister. You want to kill our rich culture and tradition. I nor woke reach this side o, the two of you will stay at home. I hate that money can control human beings.”

@fuckerychi said:

“The world is moving really fast, attire is nothing, loving themselves is ultimate.”

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