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“I Can’t Thank A Man For Giving Me 5,000 Or 10,000 Naira” He Should Give It To Beggars Instead—Influencers: Maliya and Lydia Balogun


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Social Media Influencers; Maliya and Lydia Balogun have made it very clear on a recent podcast, that they can never be grateful to a man that offers them 5k or 10k naira.

In the recent podcast with fellow Social Media influencer, Caramel plugg, Lydia and Maliya tagged 5k and 10k naira as very little amount of money that doesn’t require any form of appreciation whatsoever.

Going further, Maliya stated that she would immediately stop texting the guy, as she doesn’t have time for unnecessary back and forths.

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Looking a bit shocked, Caramel plugg then asked the two influencers if they knew how useful 10k naira would be to a beggar on the street.

Lydia then urged such a man to give the money to a beggar instead.

Well, everyone these days seem to be a social media influencer or a content creator, or both. And everyone is entitled to their opinions, no matter how controversial their opinions may sound.

So peeps, what’s your take on this trending story?

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