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Jackson Mahomes allegedly grabbed woman by throat and forcibly kissed her 3 times


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Jackson Mahomes allegedly grabbed a woman by the throat three times, forcibly kissing her each time, according to a new court record released Monday in his S.e.xual battery case.

Mahomes then allegedly told her not to tell anyone and attempted to explain what he could do for her business. Mahomes, a social media influencer on TikTok and Instagram, “has a large social media following,” according to the court document.

Johnson County District Judge Thomas Sunderland on Monday ordered the release of a redacted copy of the affidavit used to support charges against the 23-year-old, who was charged earlier this month with three felony counts of aggravated S.e.xual battery and a misdemeanor count of battery.

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On Feb. 25, Mahomes allegedly shoved a 19-year-old waiter and then forcibly kissed the 40-year-old owner of Aspens Restaurant and Lounge at 6996 W. 151st St. in Overland Park.

In interviews with The Star in early March, Aspen Vaugn, the restaurant owner, and the waiter, who asked not to be identified, both relayed their experiences. Vaughn provided surveillance video recordings to The Star that allegedly showed Mahomes grabbing her by the throat and kissing her. She also gave the recordings to police.

According to the affidavit, police responded to a reported battery at the restaurant. They spoke with the victim, whose name had been redacted. The victim told police he had gone to the office on the lower level of the restaurant to retrieve his water bottle.

The waiter entered the code and was barely through the door when Mahomes allegedly pushed his chest and told him not to come in, according to the affidavit. The waiter told Mahomes he worked there and needed his water bottle. Mahomes allegedly pushed him again and told him to get out.

Police interviewed two witnesses who were in the office with Mahomes. One allegedly said Mahomes extended his arms toward the victim, but she could not remember if he touched him. The other told police no physical contact was made.

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A restaurant employee outside of the office witnessed Mahomes push the waiter, according to the affidavit.

Mahomes later attempted to apologize but also told the waiter that he should not have to tell him twice to leave a room and that if he’s in a room in the restaurant, it is off limits.

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Grabbed by throat, forcibly kissed

While investigating the alleged battery, police talked to the restaurant’s owner, whose name was also redacted in the affidavit. She told police that Mahomes had been to the restaurant before and they had problems with him and had to kick him out, according to the court document.

The owner told police that Mahomes told her he needed to speak with her in the office. Once inside, she said Mahomes closed the door.

“He then grabbed her by the throat, forcing her head back and kissed her and put his tongue in her mouth,” according to the affidavit.

She told police she did not consent and that she pushed him away.

About 30 seconds later, he allegedly grabbed her again by the throat, forced her head back and kissed her once more, putting his tongue in her mouth, according to the affidavit.

The victim “struggled with the defendant and pulled his hand off her waist and pushed him away” the affidavit said. She again said she did not consent.

Seconds later, he grabbed her again by the throat, forced her head back and kissed her without her consent for the third time. He then told her not to tell anyone.

The owner told police she tried to call out to two servers who were in the lower level work area, but they did not hear her. After Mahomes left the office, she told them both what had happened and showed them her neck, which had fresh signs of injury. Both servers confirmed that account when questioned by police.

At one point, Mahomes was back in the office attempting to explain “what he could do for her business,” according to the affidavit, which noted that Mahomes has a large social media following.

Mahomes and his group of friends were told to leave. He was angry, but they eventually left, according to the affidavit.

Mahomes, the younger brother to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, was scheduled to be in court Tuesday for a bond hearing to decide whether he can contact several witnesses he knows on the condition that he doesn’t discuss the case with any of them.

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