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Man Ghosts Lady For Informing Him Of Rent lssues, 24 Hours After Wooing Her.


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A Nigerian man has ghosted a lady, just 24 hours after wooing her, because the lady brought up rent issues during their conversation.

The lady, simply identified as ‘Josephine’ took to her twitter page to explain, that she had just met the man the previous day on twitter, so they got talking, and when she informed him that her rent will be expiring this very month, the man simply stopped talking to her.

Hear her yourself;

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“Met this guy yesterday, we started talking, l told him that my house rent will expire this month, and baba stopped talking to me, l only told him, l didn’t ask him to pay o”

A lot of twitter users commented on the gist;

One twitter user asked her;

“Like say if he offer to pay, you for no collect the money”

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Another one chipped in;

“My gender ehn… anything that concerns billing…we don take race”

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Well, as for me, some ladies always see romantic relationships as;

“A poverty alleviation scheme”

Once a man says “hi” to them.

Then, they suddenly remember that;

“Their house rent will expire this month”

“Their mother is in the hospital, and needs money for treatment”

“Their Data subscription will expire very soon”

“They haven’t eaten since yesterday”


And that’s the reason why most Nigerian men are scared of wooing ladies these days.

And the economy isn’t helping matters at all.

What’s your take on this trend peeps?


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