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Man Walks Off Date After Woman Slurps Up 48 Oysters In One Sitting and Expects Him to Cover the Tab, Viral Video Shows


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Man Walks Off Date After Woman Slurps Up 48 Oysters In One Sitting and Expects Him to Cover the Tab, Viral Video Shows


According to Equana, Fontaine’s has a $15 special on a dozen oysters on Tuesdays, and she decided to indulge.

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“They got the best… oysters in Atlanta, like hand downs, so I’m like, yes, I can get some content,” she said before slurping through four platters of Tabasco-smothered seafood in shells.

“Y’all, when the fourth one came out, he was looking at me crazy,” Equana said. “I didn’t give a f——k. I’m like, ‘Baby, you invited me out, and Imma eat. I was coming anyway. I ain’t gon’ lie; now I wouldn’t had did all that, but I did all that.”

She continued, “It was so good. I had to.”


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Excited about what they would eat next, Equana ordered a few cocktails, crab cakes and potatoes, but then she realized her date had never returned from the bathroom and left her with the bill.

“I’m like, hold on, it’s been like 10, 20, 30 minutes,” Equana recalled.

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The then-outraged influencer texted her date, who argued that he invited her out for drinks and he didn’t expect her to order so much food. He offered to reimburse her for the drinks, a screenshot from Equana’s social media page shows.

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Viewers did not take too kindly to Equana’s gluttony on the date. She received a slew of backlash from some of more than 5 million people who watched the video.

“He has the best “tell me about your worst date experience,” one viewer wrote.

“This is trifling” and “no decorum whatsoever,” others chimed in.

“The way i would’ve dislocated my ankle tryna get out there,” one male viewer wrote.

“He said get somebody else to do it!” a viewer wrote.

Many were apparently turned off by Equana’s table manners.

“I could barely LISTEN to you slurping so I can imagine how bad it was to actually watch,” one viewer wrote.

Some also questioned the validity of Equana’s story. Another TikToker, @Anniesright, visited Fontaine’s with a friend to see if it was humanly possible to eat four dozen oysters and cocktails, and to follow up on the viral encounter.

“I asked a waiter about the woman who came here and ate 48 oysters,” Anna said. “He said she’s here every Tuesday, and she was, in fact, on a date. So confirmed!”

Fontaine’s general manager, Kelcey Flanagan, told Rolling Stone the encounter is not uncommon in Atlanta. “This is nothing new for us,” she said. “It was just quite funny.”

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