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Michael Jordan Enjoys Rare Date Night Out with Wife Yvette Prieto in Nashville


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NBA legend Michael Jordan and his wife Yvette Prieto enjoyed a date night in Nashville on Friday while celebrating the start of NASCAR race weekend.

Jordan, 60, and Prieto, 44, were all smiles when they hit the carpet at Electric Jane in a rare public outing for the couple.

During the evening, Jordan was seen drinking Cincoro’s Extra Añejo expression while mingling with guests, including country singer Garth Brooks, and racers Bubba Wallace and Kurt Busch.

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Prieto, a model, met Jordan at a Miami nightclub in 2008. The six-time NBA champion married Prieto in 2013 and they share twin daughters, Victoria and Ysabel, 9.

Michael Jordan Enjoys Rare Date Night Out with Wife Yvette Prieto in Nashville

Through his first marriage to Juanita Vanoy, he has three older children: Jeffrey, 34, Marcus, 32, and Jasmine, 30, who are all involved in the business side of basketball and their dad’s Air Jordan line.

The NBA legend’s status wasn’t always apparent to his children. In a 2020 interview on Good Morning America, Jasmine explained how she first came to realize just how well-known her father was.

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“I had kids and teachers and stuff at school telling me ‘It’s incredible your father is who he is.’ And I’m thinking you all haven’t met my father to my knowledge, how do you know this? So I did, I Googled him. And I found a lot clearly,” she shared.

“I had that conversation with my father afterward and he just laughed and was like, ‘Hey, there’s no way to really tell you anything like that,’ ” Jasmine added. “But between him and my mom, they made sure that we felt like he was normal as can be and we grew up very normal and for that I’m grateful.”
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