Lock-Down: My Fiancee Won’t Listen To Me-Says I Am Over Reacting

I swear,I never knew her like that before. She made noodles for lunch and the kitchen was so dirty I could not stand it,I had to get up and clean it.

Tina Knowles Celebrated Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s Anniversary With a Sweet Pic

Tina Knowles, shared a sweet photo taken at the couple's wedding ceremony. The elated bride and groom can be seen celebrating having just tied the knot.

Will My Wife Loose Her Job If I Do Not Apologize?

I told her not to go to work. I insisted and told her she must tell them she cannot come to work. After like 10am,her phone rang and it was hers supervisor. One young man like that...

10 Date Night Ideas For Couples Who Can’t Go Out Because Of Covid-19

y husband does my makeup, my wife gives me a makeover, etc. It will definitely be a video you’ll both be able to rewatch and laugh over together in years to come.

This Lock-Down Has Turned My Wife Crazy & Unbelievably Corrupt

I started suspecting my wife was recording us cos she was making funny noises during s*x that day. Like she was acting out like an actress or something. I started looking around and saw where she positioned the camera.

I Am Desperate But Afraid Of Making Another Mistake-Please Advise!

I never ask for anything,I treat him well,give him respect but since day one,he has never been able to keep it in his pants.

To the Wife Whose Husband Is Addicted to Pornography:There Is Hope

Only God and your husband can which means there will be setbacks, do-overs, and trying again. There will be days when it feels like you’re back at the beginning. And there will be days when it doesn’t even cross your mind.

Its A Baby Boy For Uloma & Kingsley:See Lovely Pics From Baby Shower!

Mrs  Uloma and her husband Kingsley welcomed their wonderful bundle of miracle yesterday the 5th of April 2020. Lively Stones join their family and friends to welcome their new bundle of joy.

After Months Of Separation -Is There A Future For Our Marriage?

So we went inside knelt down and I started praying to God because am tired of all that am seeing in this marriage,after that in a loving and polite way I told my hubby to tell me what is going on.

Today Was Supposed To Be My Wedding Day-BBNaija Khafi

her family members were not in support of the date she chose for her wedding. Reason being that they needed enough time to prepare for the wedding ceremony.

Lock-down-My Husband & I Are Having Communication Problems- Pt 2

Even if he feels depressed, I'm just saying, I don't know if there's anything he's not telling me,no matter how bad it is, he knows he can count on me so I'm earnestly shocked at his behaviour.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Reveal Gender Of Their Unborn Baby

"It's a girl" Katy Perry shares sweet picture as she reveals gender of her first child with fiance Orlando Bloom The singer and actor had to postpone their Summer wedding because of the Coronavirus crisis but they still have a lot to celebrate.

Nigerian Actress, Funke Akindele Celebrates Husband 43rd Birthday

The Lord will Grant you longer life and good health. Thank you for being a sweetheart! Our home will always be peaceful and the Lord will continue to bless us. Enjoy your day my King

Happy Birthday To A Lively Stones Top Fan: Owojuyigbe Gboyega

On your special day may you enjoy the warm company of your family and friends! May you enjoy an abundance of good food and wonderful conversations.

Happy Birthday To Lively Stones WhatApp Member:Aisha Ibrahim

You are a beautiful. On your special day, we pray that God constantly provides you with everything that puts a smile on your beautiful face. Have a jolly birthday today.

Lock-down- My Husband & I Are Having Communication Problems

Is this how our marriage is going to be? I'm tired of fighting for my marriage. I'm exhausted! I can't take this silent treatment. I'm not an option to anyone neither did I beg him to marry me, I was always happily single. I don't just know what to think or say.

Top 10 Relationship Blogs In Nigeria

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