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“People Always Asks If He’s My Father”- Woman Whose Husband Is 26 Years Older Narrates


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“People Always Asks If He’s My Father”- Woman Whose Husband Is 26 Years Older Narrates


A WOMAN who is married to a man 26 years older than her has narrated how people always asks her if he’s her father.

Allison and Ben Hornsby first met in 1998 – just a few years after Allison finished high school – while Ben was a USPS postman delivering the mail to the pawn shop she worked at.

Allison, 45, and Ben Hornsby, 71, are happily married despite an age-gap of nearly three decades.

Aged only 19, Allison was the one to ask Ben out on a date after a year of daily deliveries led to a crush on the then 46-year-old postie.

The Florida couple have been together 25 years now, and married for 21 of those, with Allison saying their marriage is as strong as ever.

In that time, Ben and Allison have had five children together.

But despite being madly in love, Allison says people often still question the relationship or assume the pair are father and daughter.

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Allison said:

“We get inappropriate messages, mostly from men, with older men offering to be my sugar daddy.

"People Always Asks If He's My Father"- Woman Whose Husband Is 26 Years Older Narrates

“Younger men offer me to be a side piece. Obviously this is offensive – we have a very healthy marriage.

“I feel like people assume age gap relationships are shallow and that we couldn’t be truly happy.”

Meanwhile, at a parents’ evening, a teacher once reportedly said to 71-year-old Ben, “you must be the grandfather”.

Despite the trolls online, Ben, considers the overwhelming task of raising their five children together to be the couple’s biggest challenge.

The pair were elated to welcome triplets Benjamin, Noah and Ethan into the world back in 2003.

Three years later, Allison incredibly gave birth to twins Mia and Jude.

The happy couple are not afraid to share their love across the globe on social media.

They often post videos on Instagram to show the world “the beauty of a strong marriage”.

And Allison has some advice for anyone whose love falls a little outside what is considered ‘normal’.

The mum-of-five said:

“We were both consenting adults, so we didn’t see a problem with our age gap.

“We knew other people may not accept our relationship, but we felt such a natural connection — we didn’t want to be apart.

“If you truly love each other don’t let the outside noise stop you from exploring your relationship.”

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