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True Life Story: My Ex Married Another Man While She Was Still With Me And Claims Her Son Is Mine.


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True Life Story: My Ex Married Another Man While She Was Still With Me And Claims Her Son Is Mine.



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I was teaching in one private school as I de wait for admission, so I was the youngest among all the staffs am always shy, am more comfortable with students cos they are of same age with me, I never knew a teacher was in love with me but she never showed it and my mind is very far from such thought, we went for break, but before the break I met her cos she’s a tailor, I wanted her to sew senator for me, so as they paid us.

I gave her some money to buy the material and sew, so while we are on vacation, she called me that my clothes are ready, that day I was m00dy, I just took my dad’s car to go get the clothes in her shop, on my way back home, I had and accident that almost took my life but thank God, I just lost blood and that’s all.

now when we resumed, we were cool, but one day she came to school and was looking m00dy, I don’t even know what pushed me to ask her why, she said nothing I was so shy to walk out, when I got home I promised that never again will i talk to her.

As I log on to fb, I saw her friend request, I wanted to delete it, but on the other thought, I accepted it.
we where chatting like lovers but I can’t imagine dating her cos she’s 28 and I was 18 then, but I have a chubby look, I look 30.

So one Saturday night, she asked if I can visit on invitations, I accepted but must be on a day time, so the following day. after church in the evening by 4pm, I went to her place, she welcomed me very well but I refused eating what she served me, at a point I was scared I wanted to go but rain started heavily and I didn’t come with any bike or car, I have no option than to sleep over.

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then she started saying she loves me, that I make her wet anytime she sees me, I just de look am, but e come be like say a spirit enter my body, I started touching and we had s£x (4 rounds) and the following day, she started treating me like her husband, every morning as I wake up, I will be getting rubbish text and call.
Every 3 days we will be having s£x like d0gs.

so one day I went to her shop, I met her sewing, I just asked, omo, who get this one, the design fine ooo she said it’s a customer I I said ok. so after i left,
some days passed and I didn’t see her in school.

I called her and she didn’t pick, so later she came and i asked what the issue was she told me she traveled to see her mum, cos she’s from mbaitoli in imo state and we are teaching in one private school here in Anambra state so, i believed her, I didn’t know she went and did her traditional marriage with a pastor, the cloth she was sewing when I met her was actually her husband traditional marriage cloth…I didn’t know at all and I was busy pounding her.

so on the 14th of February my mum traveled and I was alone, she came and we were having fun…I was knack!ng her and a call came in and she busy it.. so after the whole thing, she went to the bathroom to return the call, from her response I knew it’s a guy, she was telling the person that she is in church when his calling, after she came out… I started suspecting something, so I decided to check her phone omo…

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I didn’t know she is already I wife to a man of God and she is s£x starving the man.
The man was begging her to pls come home in imo state for them to be together on that valentines day, but she replied to him that she really feels nothing for him, that she sees him as a man of God not a husband or even boyfriend.

the man was just sounding so frustrated in the vn he made to her, even the chat itself it’s so harsh, after reading some of the conversations I was so angry at my self, but it’s not my fault cos I never knew any of such thing.

I h@ted her with passion, like she irritates me.

I was heart broken cos I don de like her by the day.
immediately, I got admitted in unizik to study law,
she resigned and gave birth to a boy, since 2021

I just blocked everything about her including her number. I already erase that from my mind but she called my closest friend, I didn’t know what they discussed but that my friend was telling me that she said the baby is mine.
me that already had a nursing student am about to get married to after my law school.
what will i do to this mes$.




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